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It's such big surprise mahn...

Kannada Industry is often considered as Smallest Industry & sick man of south.

Now Yash & prashanth neel duo kicked all those down lookers so hard with KGF :D

Much needed morale boost to Kannada Industry Folks.

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KGF full version vs Zero hindi.

Good comparison, because uske hisaab se to bollywood ne Baahubali ke aagey pant gili kar di.

by All Time best! (269k points)

Some mahan trade analtst said kgf all india version wil be 1/3 of zero.. ab rona shuru hogaye full version ko lekar as expected


And one mahaan launde lapade ne kaha tha ki Salman Bhai apne fans ko lota pakrayenge, to bata, lota mila? You abhi bhi mitti se kaam chala raha hai?


Woh comment to erase ho gaya, jab forum out of order gaya tha to 2018 aur 2017 ka aadha data nasht ho gaya, just like your nasht buddhi, to woh comment to check nahi hoga. Tujhe itni chinta hai accuracy ki to khud hi bata de kya lika tha?


Ale le comment tikhse yaadh phir bi comment kar raha apni mu chupane ke liye..:D

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Haha epic troll.. zero is lucky here bcoz kgf is kannada. Movie n kannada industry is a very small industry if it was from telugu then kgf had done double of zero collection..:D

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)

Shut up....


Ye nalle fan tell ur srk shut up..

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