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read somewhere that 95% of his movies have become huge flops in this Decade.
why is he even Trying then ?
he should open screaming classes imo !!
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No it's FALSE. There are only 9-10 Sunny Deol films have been released this decade. Then how is it possible to deliver 25+ disasters?????

I guess u wanted to write something else!


Not In This Decade

He Gave 25 Flops/Disasters After 2001 Out Of 29 Films, 1 Has Been Hit, 1 Average, 2 Below Average

I Think You Made A Mistake While Reading


Nope.... He has edited it later (after I pointed it). He had clearly written 'in this decade'.... U can ask him for confirmation.


Oh Ok....

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He had multistarrer hits likeVishwatma,Chaalbaaz( a Sridevi double role with Rajnikanth), Tridev,Darr, Jeet, Border, Yamla Pagla Deewana,Damini ( guest appearance) etc once upon a time.

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In Terms Of Box Office Even Aamir Who Wasnt At His Peak>>>Sunny In 1990 Decade Where He Was No. 1


Yes, he was great because of opening records only


Yes Bro

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He was some sort of power back in the 90s with monotonous movies which all looked the same and had him acting the same. Afterwards, his career has nothing to talk about.

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Sunny Deol And Govinda Have Completly Wasted Their Talent, They Should Have Known Their Stardom Has Phased Out And Should Have Done Films Like Anil Kapoor And Sanjay Dutt But They Were Too Stubborn And Hence Destroyed Themselves By Giving 1 Washout Film After Another. Even Jackie Shroff Has Been More Sensible Than Them!

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Well who is sunny deol.. i heard this name before bit couldnt recall it where..

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Sunny is marvelous actor..
Great physique excellent dialogue delivery...hero of masses...
Even Khan's can't beat him in his prime...

But har cheez ki expiry date hoti h...

He will be remember forever

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Yes He Is Underated As An Actor And Superstar!

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