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Even with India's biggest movie he couldn't deliver Face saving WW numbers.

His Highest WW weekend <<<<Khan's disasters Jai ho, Tubelight,Zero

Even a 60cr grosser Jhms barely missed his highest weekend by 3cr
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First if you mention box office india source then correct your fact jai ho semi hit and Tubelight below average not disaster. Yes you say underperformer.

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Try as much as they can, but akshay was never equal to the khans. Only hrithik gave the khans some kind of fight back in the day, apart from him no other star has been consistent enough. Kesari will bring akshay back into his original form.

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Its like Kamran Akmal getting compared with the players in the league of Ponting and SRT :D :D

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)
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Because they have hollow hope that Khans with failures will come down to Akshay' s level .

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Akki has a limit on everything.. Be it collections, footfalls etc etc..
By seeing gold collections,i felt audience are getting bored of deshbhakt films from him..
Real test will start from kesari..
But to be honest he has earned tremendous goodwill..
I keep hearing outside that akki is the only person giving hits..
People outside forum only care about the hit and flop.. They dont discuss further like we people discuss like semi hit, blockbuster etc etc..

by Camera Operator (9.3k points)

Its Due To People Like Baazigar That Sunny Deol Is Trolled For Not Reason

Sad Fact


Tom cruise just can't help but get provoked at the name of sunny deol :D

Is it True That Sunny Deol has 25+ Disasters in This century ?

Tom cruise does anyone remember indian?nope. Srk stayed on top after that too. Khans are still ruling (not counting 2018)

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