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Haters but but salman khan can't act
Haha even rajamouli likes Salman
He wish he makes one movie with him
It will be the biggest mass combo ever

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Yeah I was so surprised by his answer. I remember in one of more earlier seasons of KWK Sanjay Leela Bhansali was asked Better actor Salman or SRK and he said Salman ( and this was after Devdas).

Maybe we fans take Salman's acting ability for granted .

by Set Decorator (1.6k points)

Sanjay Leela says that Salman is his FAVUORITEST actor of all time.

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Yup on one side India's biggest director is saying Salman is the best on other hand haters term him nonactor.
Looks like they know more than Rajamouli.
Salman is an helluva of entertainer, Bollywood will be never be the same for me without Salman.

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As an actor i prefer Salman khan and i have huge respect for Aamir khan ... Rajamouli how dare u not speak abt global gigastar Srk.. We 3.6b Srkfans will make sure ur next movie bb3 flops...:D

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Rajamouli and SK in a magnum opus can easily cross 400cr and make new records for bollywood. Hope it happens some time in th future.

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Salman Khan is the most natural actor- Sooraj Barjatya ( India's most profitable director- India Today)

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Salman has very good rapport with south film biggies...he attends their marriages,parties.
you like someone u know better,right!

by Executive Producer (68.1k points)

Damn people got offended...I said that in lighter vein mahn.

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