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Zero has struggled to make much of an impact on day two as collections are set to come in the 16-17 crore nett range. There will be a 15% drop from the Friday when the film had to show this much growth to stay in the race despite an under performing day one.



The two day figures will be around 35-36 crore nett which is just not good enough and the writing is on the wall. The film has surprising done best in UP and Bihar which are normally the lesser performers for Shahrukh Khan starrers but it is probably the UP setting helping these parts.



Its another huge blow for the industry just after Thugs of Hindostan and unless a miracle happens for Zero its going to be a bad year for the industry theatrically. The euphoria of the huge extra revenue from digital is a blessing but getting huge crowds into theaters remains the big problem.
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Sad Reacts Only


Agree with all saying Age will win and all but the fact still is ke Salman hai abhi. He will lose against age too eventually but for now he's THE force to be reckoned with.

Shahrukh bhaiyya ka comeback impossible laggo si, our Aamir's overconfidence will take him down. Not being active, thinking of weird ideas such as webseries, all that was great when he was coming after years to give an All time grosser but after a disaster not having any back up AT ALL means by the time he comes back not many would be waiting.

Salman has a few more years, I hope he utilizes them.


That one tweet from Rizwan is till date doing rounds. And he became less active (apart from handing out likes to every posts) on the forum too in terms or answering / questioning.

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Impossible for SRK to come back after this. 2 back to back rejected movies, both took bad openings as well and were in the genre he was well known for. And both by acclaimed directors.

By this point, age has already caught up, now star power is almost gone, and young brigade is ready to work even harders for these directors.

I'm curious as to what his next movie will be and when it'll release. One thing is for sure, his pairing with Anushka will never be repeated after this.

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Hahaha check wiki, any other site everybody saying bharat 5 jun release. And in an interview ali zafar also say this movie release just like sultan. And everybody knows that sultan release on wed and 5 days extended weekend. And same for bharat..


Mr hola, don't think anushka or Katrina can be held responsible for this mess.


yes they can't, but now that SRK and Anushka have given 2 disasters, no one will take the risk of casting them together.


Yeah that's true. SRK needs to move on from romance now. A simple masala movie will do. And let go of this vfx obsession for Christ's sake

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He is not even comparable to akshay..tier4 star..congratulation(dance)

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End of an era it seems

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Salman hai..he did not given a flop this decade.


Bhai jitne jaldi accept kar lo utna achcha hai no one can fight time


Aamir bhi hain.... He gave his first real flop after 18 years... Quality wise, he was always ahead except 2 films


Of course aamir hain if he is not doing web series.

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Almost Half of Thugs day 2...... Remember, Thugs was trolled far more than ZERO.

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Even after audience loving zero this is the collection think wht would hppn if had race3 toh type situation..

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)
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This movie deserves this. Ain’t no way it should get to 100. I can believe that Salman and Amir saw something good in Race 3 and Thugs story but this? Inexcusable! The dumbest movie ever by someone who is already a legend. Wasted 2 precious years of his life for that, SRK.

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Fan Safe This Time. And Srk Record -

Fan - 2016 - Flop
Jhms - 2017 - Flop
Zero - 2018 - Flop (Xmas)

....F...I...N....I....S.....H....E....D..... |

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Bro srk now tier 4 star because collection lower than akshay(dance)

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100cr is tough. And with simbaa on the way, it's curtains for shahrukh. This is ending badly for him. He needs one last good movie to show that he still has it in him.

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He lost trust among the neutral audience after back to back disappointing films. It's clearly visible in the opening of the film.

by Editor (81.7k points)

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