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Can he get national award this time... any chances winning oscar this time in foriegn category.. As this was hollywood level movie with world class vfx
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Please put these questions under troll..


Troll its genuine question bro..:D..... k do it if u think..

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Srk deserves an Oscar presented by the inventor of zero Aryabhatta himself. I would give his acting 4 stars not 5....... because his goal was to get 0 star ratings from critics (hence title Zero) but failed and got 1 star ratings. Wishing better luck for him next time (y)

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Salman Khan fans should not
question about anyone's acting.

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And Srk fans shouldn't talk about box office

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kyaa din aa gaye hai , salman fans speaking of acting

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Lol jab ayushman se jyada opening de tere star tab bolna(rofl)


ale ale do do 2010 fans

despite bad decade srk still TOP ACTOR ALL TIME and no 1 for 15 years :D

now analyse deeply

btw no more reply to 2010 fans now bye bye


Lol ayushman khurana se kam opening ..laalat hai bhai(rofl)


Lol darr ke bhag gya just like SRK ran away from Sultan

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