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Post your reviews for "KGF Chapter 1" ~ IBO Forum members reviews thread

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My rating is 3.5/5 [that 0.5 extra is only for that last 15mins.]

They have hardly shot 10% of chapter 2. Still casting is not complete.


no he might me talking abt content of part 2


Songs didn't work at all. //
Songs r adequate enough for me.
Dheera dheera bit song is best of all...Followed by mother song..Salam rocky bhai.
Item number is ok 70's ka sounding hai ...But BGM is super.


@lxbhsh second half song i.e. Dheera Dheera was fine. Salaam Rocky Bhai was just routine & so was Jokea item song. Mainly the item song was pointless. Addition of Tamannaah was just get traction in Telugu & Tamil circuits. Remixing a 70s classic, I wouldn't support it.

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The Review Contains Spoilers

Paisa Fuckin Vasool

Rating 5/5

The reason I rate it this much is that it kept me on the edge of my seat for whole duration of the movie! The hero elevation scenes! It puts Bahubali to shame for me. My brother who also said the same thing! The story was something that you can’t explain someone in one sentence.

Lets get into details. Yash. Oh my fuckin god. I loved that he was not shown a six pack hero. He was our natural “bicep” hero because thats all you need. His whole look with those long hair and moustache was on point. The way he does action and says those dialogues looks very convincing. And that backstory that keeps showing up is gold. The mother angle. There’s a reason everything happens. His motivation is his mother and I’m a sucker for those things. The way child “Rocky” says “Duniya” when someone asks him “ Kya chahiye tereko?” is the scene I would watch the movie one more time.

Other roles played by other actors are also noteworthy. The whole story is about KGF but they don’t rush into it. The first half is about setting it up. They take their time telling who is Rocky and how he can dethrone the legend that is “Garuda” played one great actor! The KGF pains thing does get a bit dragging but what happens after that is just mind boggling.

All the roles played by supporting actors are great. No one seems forced into narrative. All have their own backstory. All have their reasons. And the last 30 minutes! Holy smokes. I don’t want to spoil anything but if you love larger than life then it IS for you!

Favourite scenes:
1. Rocky intro
2. The traffic scene where he says “ Maa sabse bada yodhha hoti hai”
3. “Duniya”
4. Pre interval scene
5. The scene where Rocky takes down security guards
6. Huga spoiler when Rocky nails Garuda

1. With so many characters it does get a bit confusing
2. The KGF pain thing goes a bit overboard
3. Some of the background music is someone screaming

The movie is beautifully set for a huge sequel. I will most probably watch it one more time.

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Average to Below avg first half followed by a terrific second half

i think makers missed a trick by releasing it on 21 with zero , despite zero being bad it took away screenings and mainly because south movies dont rely that much on holidays , kgf would have opened big anyway


by Location Scout (4.1k points)

Hindi was supposed to be the added business. Dec 21 was the best date for the Kannada version. And it broke records. All other Kannada biggies gave KGF a free run. January was again crowded with Shivarajkumar as well Puneeth Rajkumar films lined up.

Ofcourse Srk aka Shivarajkumar's film wouldn't have affected much as he's playing a blind person in the thriller remake. But taking on Puneeth Rajkumar wasn't going to be easy. Just FYI, Puneeth Rajkumar's film which was the previous all time grosser of Kannada cinema. Ofcourse KGF will go past it by miles ahead.

And KGF is on the verge of grossing over 20cr Nett atleast in Hindi dubbed. That is the most they could've asked for. Enough to help them recover the massive budget with Kannada version itself giving never seen before numbers in two days. And the shows have been sold out till 26th. A rare feat.


no i say in terms of prospects for box office for 2nd part like how bahubali did , , if this movie had better 1st half it could have been other bahubali atleast for me also i think as they wanted a pan india audience they should have done away with ott hero elevation scene in 1st half and also that caricaturish thugs displayed earlier in the movie though they didnt make the main villian an ott charachter that was good


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