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Going by the trending of 2nd day it looks certain now it will be either FLOP or DISASTER, so I wanna ask all those srk fans who always said srk never had a flop on festives plz see with both eyes open Srk has an FLOP or disaster on festival and I have little doubt srk has flops on festivals but I don't remember plz if any one have any data then plz share  here
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Trimurti Christmas season me release hui thi... Flop thi


Great work bro


Boi has made better every record of SRK in updation


Bhai, jab bhi BOI verdicts criteria me relaxation laya hain, uska laabh sabhi ko mila hain..

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Fcuk these excuses of holiday/festival/non holiday, ultimately a film should be good.

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Yup a disaster in best period... Srk just needs to do good films and reduce budgets of his films..he has to go Akshay Kumar way

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Dear what kind of best period? Best period was 2000-2008 after that only bad phase and now looking like game is almost over


By period i meant best period to release your movie.... By period i meant Christmas... Game is not over.. Superstardom might be over as long as boxoffice is considered... Like Akki he can re invent himself.. This over the top VFX obsession has to go

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