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KGF Has Big First Day On All Formats.BOI

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KGF had a big day as collections were around 18 crore nett on all formats as it smashed all records in Karnataka. The collections were double of 2.0 in Karnataka though this is a local film while 2.0 was a Tamil film. There is no comparison as it way ahead of anything from the Kannada film industry before. The approx figures of KGF are as follows.

Karnataka - 12,50,00,000

Hindi Markets - 2,00,00,000

Nizam / Andhra - 2,00,00,000

Tamil Nadu - 1,00,00,000

Kerala - 50,00,000

TOTAL - 17,90,00,000


Kerla 50 lakhs?? and TN 1cr?? BOI now just using guessing game and round figures for south numbers.. Childish..
KGF in TN would be just around 50-60 lakhs as even the best pperformer in TN Maari 2 on the day grossed around 4.5cr
There were Adanga maru, Kanaa, Seethaakthi and Silukavarpatti Singham - same day straight tamil films among which only Adanga Maru and Kanaa doing 2 and 1cr+

Kerala too had like 3 straight releases with Odiyan still playing, Zero there-only Fahad Fazils Jnan Prakashan has good wom and had gud hype and this is the top grossing movie which gorssed 1.40cr yeterday and KGF had very very small release with least screens among these.. BOI should just stop going down south if they continue like this..

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Good signs for kannada film industry.
This movie has created a belief that they can match mollywood in terms of collection..
All they need to make is good movies rather than remakimg telugu movies..
Hope this movie doubles and triples the previous kannada highest grossing movie..

by Camera Operator (9.3k points)
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Hearing the good things, I might go and see it in theatre.

by Mega Star (225k points)
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KGF And Zero 1st Day Has Negligible Difference,

When I Said Zero Can Fall Below 100 Crs In Lifetime Srk Fans Didnt Believe Me But Now See It Is Going To Be Reality

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

I still feel 100 cr will be somwhow done with that extra push from holidays


Lets See, Simbaa Bhi Hai

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It's due to the efforts of Suhas that KGF is looking to have a bigger weekend than Zero btw where are those people who were saying that zero willl earn more than kgf even in Karnataka itself .

by Star (151k points)


Sarki jo sarr se woh dheere dheere ..paagal hua re mein dheere dheere


Kya badiya gaate ho


Zin dabad Zin dabad aye Mohabbat Zin dabaad...

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More good masala movies should be made.

by Assistant Director (42.7k points)
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Excellent opening for KGF. Especially in Karnataka. Broke all records there. Excited to see it in Hindi version soon.

by Super-star (189k points)


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