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Zero with 2 top heroines,Chartbuster music,  more TP, more screens fell short of niche Tubelight opening day gross by 3cr considering 20cr as final number from boi
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Its nett figure not gross..


[email protected] is talking about gross here, not nett.


Tubelight real value was 25cr nett (Due to preeid) acc to boi with gst advantage that would be nearly 29cr nett.


And if u add similar ticket price of Zero it might be 30cr+ nett.

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Back to back flops have taken a toll on SRK. And in any case it was a given since salman is a bigger star and has the most ability to carry a bad movie on his shoulders out of the 3 khans.

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Intense clearly mentioned 'to carry a bad movie'.... Do u consider Dangal a bad movie?????


Ya then TOH 50cr with a disastrous WOM.....


kashyap123 the kind of movies dabangg2 or race 3 or even PRDP were, only salman could have carried them to safety the way he did. Nothing against aamir. Salman and aamir are the biggest megastars today, no doubt on it.


Haha..... TOH released on biggest day of the year for films business, had Amitabh+Aamir combo for the first time, had biggest budget ever. How can you ignore these things???

And FYI, TOH collected 48cr and something not 50cr

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Talaash 1st Day Gross In Real Terms Is Almost At Par With Zero 1st Day What More To Say!

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

But this is sad. We wait every year to see big superstars on screen, is baar teeno ne dil tod diya



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Tubelight had 21cr opening on pre eid pre gst.. so boi said on non holiday its real value will 25cr.. now add 10 gst that's 27.5cr now with far higher ticket rates tubelight would in range of 31cr...

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)
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Also lesser than Niche dangal which came during cash crunch.. Aamir was playing aged old man without any big commercial elements...

by Producer (107k points)

Lol.dangal release tak nepal me indian notes were eaily available and u saying there was no money with people of india?(dance)


I'm not saying, This is what happened in India and I've given enough evidences to prove my point.
Rest left to u.. I won't continue on this


Lol khud ko tasalli do bhai.bhut truth is demonitization immensely helped dangal and also hailed as movie of century.just 29 cr opening???

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ZERO's opening is disastrous but Tubelight was no way niche, besides if it was niche then Zero's lead was a Dwarf, how many times have you seen a dwarf in Bollywood film being on lead before Zero..........the answer is Zero..!!

by All Time best! (269k points)

Kai Srk Fans Bhi Srk Ki Films 1st Day Theatre Mei Nahi Dekh Rahe Shayad Kabhi Na Dekhe
Isse Acha Toh Ajay Aur Mai Hun 1st Day Gaye Thay Dekhne


Main fdss gaya tha


Shame On So Called Srk Fans


So many downvotes on saying Tubelight wasn't a niche movie (facepalm) (facepalm)

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