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Here is my Short review on KGF.

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Movie is little let down & surprise for those who liked the trailer.Trailer cut is damn gud.

Story begins with parallel start of KGF kolar Gold fields discovery & birth of hero in 1950's.With his mother death our Kid hero moves to Mumbai in quest of power & wealth kinda amitab agneepath resemblence.

Ultra musculine Rocky quickly moves up the ladder with his valiance & virility in Mumbai port smuggling mafia.

he gets an offer to assassinate a BigWig in Banglore.rocky in his failed murder attempt discovers who the bigwig is, and Power politics around gold fields. Rocky firmly believes in his destiny and determined to take all KGF wealth and power for himself.

Chapter 1.Ends with Rocky on top of the power pyramid.

Glimpse of chapter 2 shows us PM (?) Signing govt death warrant of Rocky(?) in 80's and military intervention.

Overall Choreography,action scenes and dialogues are good.

KGF mines 1000s of forced slave labour scenes in 2nd half are well shot SETtings are very good for 80cr or less budget film.
in Reviews by Executive Producer (68.1k points)

Negatives :

Too many shots for a scenes...Dir & cameraman seemed over ambitious.

Fast pace is 1st half & slow pace in 2nd half.

Lacked proper narration

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