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6 years of Megastar Salman Khan Blockbuster Dabangg 2.

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Bollywood's worst BLOCKBUSTER of this century.......


@TIGER That would be Ready & Baaghi 2.


IMO Ready is much better product, it's entertaining.....maybe u didn't like it cz u had already watched its south version couple of times. I'll rate Baaghi2 above D2.


@Tiger Na I hated all the 4 versions. Baaghi 2 was unbearable & that's mainly because I thoroughly has enjoyed Kshanam. That nuance was completely missing in the remake.

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One of salman's worst movies in the last few years. It was a lazy effort to encash on the popularity of the first movie. I really enjoyed that sequence though, where Chulbul pandey smashes deepak had some serious swag which only Salman could have pulled off

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Only good thing was Salman he just simgle handedly carried the film
Otherwise for me it was a huge disappointment

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Although movie was bad ...
But salman swag and music ... excellent...

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