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A glimpse of Naveen Kumar Gowda's journey to become Rocking Star Yash. A true self made Sultan. - Part 3

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Rocking Star was on a whole new level after back to back big hits in the form of Drama, Googly & Raja Huli. 

He started 2014 by raising the bar by starring in Gajakesari which was his expensive film at that time. The big budget action film turned out be a Blockbuster at the box office and his 4th consecutive Hit. With this film, his joined the ace league of Powerstar Puneeth Rajkumar, Kiccha Sudeep, Challenging Star Darshan in terms of massive hold on the audience. 

He ended 2014 with Mr. & Mrs. Ramachari which went onto be an Industry Hit, an all time grosser for Kannada cinema. The film completed a silver jubilee run. This was Hattrick success for Yash & Radhika Pandit pair. The real life love birds were the audience favorite on-screen too. The massive success of this film & the punch dialogues led to ugly fan wars across the state. Yash won the Filmfare award for Best Actor. It was his 1st as main lead & 2nd Filmfare award.

After the Industry Hit, Yash too time to release his next film. 2015 saw only one film of his release titled Masterpiece. The film released amidst extraordinary hype & critically the film was ripped apart. Depsite the negative reviews, the film stood it's ground due to Rocking Star's magnetic pull. 

2016 saw him re-united with Radhika Pandit for the 4th time for Santhu Straight Forward. The film was an unofficial remake of Tamil film Vaalu. Yash & Radhika Pandit got engaged in August so the hype for this film had amplified instantly. The film did moderately well despite the mixed reviews. This was the film to have the song Self Made Shehzada.

Later in 2016, the much beloved couple, Yash & Radhika Pandit tied the knot. It was a massive event covered live by all main news channels. Yash & Radhika Pandit went a step further to organize a special wedding reception for the fans exclusively, a first kind as far as any celebrity goes.

Thus, journey of a simple middle class family boy who started out through drama, entering Television daily soaps has reached the heights where he is among the biggest superstars of Kannada Film Industry. That night when he slept on a bench in the bus stand changed his life. He vowed to have his cut out in those same Gandhinagara theatres to rule the box office. He ended up having huge cut outs across the state.

The talks for KGF began in 2016. Though pre-production was kick-started, the film's actual shooting began only in March 2017, back when the reported budget was 40cr, which again was the highest. By the end of the shoot, the budget of the film doubled. With very few vfx shots, KGF has made the entire Indian film industry look back at the Kannada film & Kannada film industry becoming the state's pride. As KGF gears up for it's mega release, here's wishing Rocking Star Yash a very bright future ahead in his cinematic journey. And congratulations to the new parents.

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beyond irritating ..

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Actually why?
One thing I understand is you not being interested in knowing these facts.

But you can't diss the facts. You call yourself an Srkian & you fail to see someone else having an exact journey as your favorite. Irony.


definitely not but you have made it a kgf exclusive forum also the way all south trackers , critics are relentlessly promoting the movie


That is where you've mistaken. If you see, I am the only one who made the maximum posts on KGF which is not even remotely closer to what I make during Salman films. Had informed you, for PRDP & Sultan alone I had made over 350 posts.

Secondly, I do write ups. During Jai Ho, I made similar post introducing Daisy Shah. I've written self articles on Srk whole career. Those self written articles are lot exclusive for this forum.

So KGF nearing release, it makes complete sense to introduce the lead actor who is a superstar in his industry. So being an Srk fan, in terms of supporting, won't you do the same if he ventures into new territory? Authentic articles & interviews will happen & you'll promptly share them right? Reason why you share old interviews too right?

Considering my interest in cinema as well as my knowledge, if I start writing about Shah Rukh Khan from today, I will guarantee you I can come up with 365 articles for the next 365 days, with not even single article repeating same topic. So if that is my "talent", why shouldn't I show it?

Coming back to KGF, it's releasing tomorrow. Why shouldn't it be promoted? 750+ users this forum has, I am one guy making KGF posts. Regular daily active users are 20+. So what are you complaining about?


ok bhai best of luck to kgf and kannada movie industry


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