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  1. Ankur Pathak [HuffPost] : "Maan gaye babua, maan gaye, Khan saahb #zero"
  2. Salil Acharya [Content Creator] - "Some performances being joy to every one in the hall #srk as #BauuaSingh is just that ... #AnushkaSharma keeps u spellbound and #KatrinaKaif in a fabulous avatar... #zero should wim audiences over handsomely ... mera toh #dil jeet liya"
  3. Tushar Joshi [Editor in chief Bollywoodlife] - It takes a lot of heart and vision to make a film like #Zero⁠ ⁠ Credit goes to @aanandlrai for attempting to narrate something different. @iamsrk puts every bit of his heart and soul into @bauuasingh making him his own.
  4. Sumit Kadel [BO Enthusiast] - #Zero is a MAMMOTH LET DOWN. Ist half is decent with good doze of emotions & laughter but second half is miserable, extremely bad writing & screenplay with absolutely no logic, soul & emotional connect. AlR worst film till date. You can watch it for SRK Anushka Kat act
  5. Rohit Jaiswal [BO Enthusiast] - #Zero is another star studded let down ths year Weak story, lacklustre screenplay and sloppy direction turned it into a dud 1st Half GOOD 2nd HALF TERRIBLE #SRK alone cannot carry it to the zenith of being a blockbuster BAD PHASE of #ShahRukhKhan career CONTINUES 1*/5
  6. Taran Adarsh [Critic, BO Analyst- FIASCO Rating: ⭐️ ½ Expected so much from this collaboration [SRK and director Aanand L Rai]… Sadly, the flawed writing - especially the second hour - takes the film downhill... EPIC DISAPPOINTMENT... #ZeroReview
  7. Komal Nahata - On the whole, Zero is too fantastical and hence very difficult for the audience to digest. It’s a soulless love story which doesn’t touch the heart and will, therefore, face rejection at the box-office after the initial euphoria dies down.

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Thanks anyways though! :) Do post whenever you have time, and see a new review from a trustworthy source!


Ya Bro, Mention Not.


Ok bro

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Taran 1.5 stars



Rating: 1½
Expected so much from this collaboration [SRK and director Aanand L Rai]… Sadly, the flawed writing - especially the second hour - takes the film downhill... EPIC DISAPPOINTMENT... #ZeroReview

Komal Nahta- Zero Fails To Live Upto Hype, May Not Go Down With The Audience

First Post

Zero movie review: Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina's impressive performances lift Aanand L Rai's film from average to ambitious

Times Now 2 Stars


Yatharth Chauhan

Zero handsomely overtakes Thugs of Hindostan in being the biggest let down of 2018. There is not a chance one can empathize with this colossal drag.
One star!


Our post screening verdict has gotten people worked up it seems. In this case
, like all our reviewers has an opinion about Zero. As for the questions arising about this tweet's genuineness, it's 100% honest.

Swati Rastogi

Despite the week plot n dragging 2nd half #Zero is an out n out
film. Superb performance.
is adorable, spl mention 2
good attempt at VFX but long way to go.

Peeping Moon- 3 Stars

Pinkvilla- 3 Stars

Mimansa Shekhar


Zero is a big disappointment! It has so many strong elements - a super star cast, an amazing director. Wish it had a plot!! Sorry SRK fans, I really wanted to like this film. But alas! Better next time??

Priya Adivarekar


Zero One wishes the second half could be a bit tight, especially the last 15-20 minutes of film. The first half gets an upper hand, as the characters establish their respective BGs and we are introduced to their world. It has a fine mix of romance, humour, drama, and emotions.

Palak Sharma


Zero like name like movie!!
DO NOT WATCH!..and if smhow u DO find urself stuck in a theatre for some ur eyes and ears only for

Classic example of how to cast the ENTIRE bollywood in a movie and still manage to eff it up!

Quint 1 Star

Film Companion 1 Star

Filmi Beat 2.5 Stars

Sumit Kadel 1 Star

Rohit Jaiswal 1 Star

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)
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Looks average film to me if going by critic reviews. Most are saying that 2nd half is dragged & climax is not up to mark. Still waiting for audience review tomorrow. If wom is average then RIP.


Average Wom Ke Saath Average
Good Wom Ke Saath Hit
Excellent Wom Ke Saath Blockbuster
Extraodinary Wom Ke Saath Atbb

Abhi Tak 150 Cr Wali Film Lag Rahi Hai Baaki Kal Dekhte Hain Kya Hota Hai

Twitter Pe Aag Lagi Hui Hai


First post even termed Bajrangi Bhaijaan a forgettable movie as i said reviews until now are stritcly positive, i guess length is a bit negative point else every review points movie is entertaining , still audience are the real judge ... if movie is entertaining then sky is the limit , though watched some audience response and it was positive


Zero⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠ #ZeroReview

Indian Express: 1
Desimartini - 1
Times Now- 2
Times Of India: 3
India Tv: 2.5
Mumbai Mirror- 2.5

Don’t Ignore My Prediction
LifeTime 98 cr

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vo umair sandhu ka daal sakte hai kya (rofl)

by Location Scout (4.1k points)
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Just wanna say, there are people Sharing many negative reviews, which is in their rights but if you check reviews of 3 biggest hits within last 6 months, TZH, Padmavat & Sanju, well they also didn't exactly got glowing reviews from same sites, maybe little higher or lower than Zero but didn't got reviews comparable to how those 3 trended, so let's see, critics are critics, it's the audience who needs to love the movie, rest will be taken care of.

by All Time best! (269k points)

Saare trailer or teaser ke entertaining scene to first half main hi daal diye second main to kuch daala hi nahi. Ab bahut ho gaya srk ko stardom ki race se bahar kar dena chahiye ab BOI ko.


Hmm Ab Stardom Phase Out Kar Dena Chahiye BOI Ko


Yes agree.(y)


Ajay hw is srks oscar winning acting.. can we get oscar this time..

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You can find both 4-5 rating and 0-1 rating from each critic in

by Production Accountant (24.2k points)

actually there will be 3 sets for every reviewer 1 with 0 star 1 with 4-5 star and one with his actual ratings (giggle)

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Atul mohan- u will fall in love with bauua

by Location Manager (7.7k points)
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Oops. This is looking bad.

by Producer (103k points)
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