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Although the makers have announced the release date for Baaghi 3 with the announcement poster ending the wait of fans, it still leaves a question unanswered. 

The poster features Tiger Shroff's name, but it doesn't confirm whether Disha Patani will be making the comeback in the sequel w/ no mention of the leading lady's name in the poster. Sara Ali Khan, has been rumored in the social media to be the potential replacement for Disha Patani in the recent weeks.The rumor was later dismissed by Sara herself. 


So, let's get a poll up and running. Who according to you should be the leading lady for the much awaited sequel? 

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It should be Sara Ali Khan as even though only 1 movie of her is released but she is already a big star and that can be felt clearly on all social networking sites. She will help in creating buzz even more if she is included in the movie while on the other hand Disha Patani won't bring anything to the table.

by Production Accountant (27.5k points)
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Keeping the fans guessing on the whole leading lady thing by the makers will also bring more discussions on Social media, ultimately helping the project in the process.

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Cutie Pie Saraa :* (h) (inlove)

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

Disha aint winning the poll in the forum against Sara, i think. lol


Hahah Abhi Saraa Ki Hawa Chal Rahi Hai :D

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Option 4

Don't care about the movie.

by All Time best! (269k points)

What do you suggest?


Remove it..!!

Because i can't just write remove it, i have to add this second line.


You can actually comment just "remove it" though. Character limit is only 5 for comments. The 18 character limit is just for the Answers. The idea is to encourage users to expressing themselves more, instead of posting short answers like "Agree or Disagree or Love it" etc.


OK, 12 kar do

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Sara has moved ahead of Disha for me. The girl is talented, has given a good debut.....she has good times in store.

by Mega Star (226k points)
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What difference would it make? It will be yet another mindless action revenge story where the girl either has to die or be raped, or her family killed and it will be five to ten minutes screen time and two songs. Tiger ko hi VFX karke ladki banaye toh bhi chalega... I will vote for Tiger as both the lead.

by Camera Operator (12.0k points)

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