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As on Tuesday, #Zero⁠ ⁠Attachment.png tickets sold in 3 iconic single screen theaters for Fri:

(#TigerZindaHai occupancy in bracket)

Delhi Liberty: 1268, 33% (84%)

Mumbai Gaiety: 2283, 59% (92%)

Jaipur RajMandir: 3084, 69% (87%)

Good advance at places for #Zero⁠ ⁠Attachment.png but not at the level of #TZH.

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Movie open 20-21 cr not more than that. After Happy New Year not a single movie cross 22 cr mark in its opening day for Shahrukh Khan. Same happen here.
Poor performance badly affected Srk value.

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)
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Its just Wednesday morning still 2 days to go.. LETs see movies with barely and advance have done huge at day 1..still expecting 30 plus

by Cinematographer (92.9k points)

Dono movies ka tuesday tak ka hi advance hai.

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20-25cr will be opening weekend will be 80-90cr lifetime 160-200cr verdict SEMI HIT

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)
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It's no brainer that Zero will be behind TZH in the single screens, its comp there is Dangal and Sanju.
The final advance is these screens for Sanju was as following,
Liberty Cinema Delhi: 1871 (61%)
Gaiety Galaxy Mumbai: 2993 (76%)
Raj Mandir Jaipur: 2360 (52%)

Zero will easily cross Sanju in these screens as there are two days still left and it's around 70% of Sanju numbers.

by Super-star (194k points)

But high end plexes were blast in advance for sanju.but for zero its not the case either..the way it is going 25 is the target

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First of ALL , Hype for TZH was huge due to its prequel , secondly Zero is not an action movie and will depend on WOm at single screen, if its entertaining it will work at single screen, still 2 days to go i feel opening will be around 25-28cr somewhere which would be considered a excellent opening looking SRK's last releases.

by Assistant Director (50.2k points)
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why so selective why no delite or menoka i know why because zero is 100% there cut the bias and wait for friday

by Casting Director (16.6k points)

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