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Shah Rukh Khan's last film Jab Harry Met Sejal with director Imtiaz Ali had evoked a lot of expectations among the audiences, but the film turned out to be a disaster.

Shah Rukh Khan's last film Jab Harry Met Sejal with director Imtiaz Ali, who is known for giving Bollywood some of the best love stories of modern times, had evoked a lot of expectations among the audiences, but the film turned out to be a disaster. The film, which was apparently made on a generous budget of Rs 90 crore, only managed to collect Rs 64.33 crore in the domestic market, according to Movie Box Office His other recent releases Fan, Raees and Dilwale also fell short of expectations at the box office.

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, the actor, who is now gearing up for his new film Zero, opened up about what would happen if it met the same box office fate.

"I can’t change that, and if I can’t change something, why should I think about it? If people feel that 'Zero' is very important for me, it’s their feeling. God forbid, if this film doesn’t work, what will happen? Maybe, I won’t get work for six months or 10 months, but if I believe that my craft and art is good, I will continue to get work," the actor said.
"...I will probably make a comeback which I have been doing for the last 15 years (laughs), or maybe, the comeback won’t happen. The trade world has a point of view about a film’s business, and they are right from their viewpoint," he added.
Also starring Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma in lead roles, Zero celebrates the 'incompleteness in people'. In the film, directed by Aanand L Rai, Shah Rukh plays the role of a vertically challenged man, named Baua Singh. While Katrina plays a popular actress battling alcoholism, Anushka reportedly essays the role of a wheelchair-bound scientist.

Zero is set to release on December 21
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He seems to be confident and is sarcastically saying things. Firstly, the movie won't fail, and secondly he is not the one to fade, nor are other KHANS. Secondly, there won't be a day these KHANS will stop getting big-budget projects. They are somewhat like Rajni Kant for Bollywood, few failures won't affect a lot to them, one right movie and they will be back.

by Camera Operator (12.0k points)
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Hopefully Zero will work and Srk will continue to rule the hearts

by Cinematographer (92.9k points)
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I don't think he'll struggle for work, but yeah, the superstar status would be gone.

by Editor (82.0k points)

"He will not get these big openings"

Chamge will into is, Zero isn't getting big opening going by advance bookings so far.


TB zero was never supposed to be huge on advance... Its not a Bahubali 2... Its not even CE kinda movie... Its more on the lines of pk... Let it release and it will come into its own... Its a movie that will run on its merit... What srk gives you is a n opening... The pull is still there a bit... Just the disastrous reviews shouldn't spread liks wildfire on day 1 if there are any


I know, just wanted to answer Bots about DANGAL opened to 29 crs pre gst, demonetisation, no top actress, no top heroin.

Completely ignoring Fat to Fit or best movie of decade hype.


Lol.. Superstar like him since last 25yrs would be gone? How?
Even if he gives 20 flops his status will not be changed..
He will always be superstar..
For being a superstar one has to prove things and achieve milestones like highest grosser of the year.. Highest grosser of all time.. Opening day weekend lifetime records.. Ye sab de diya hai srk ne..
Not only srk, even the other stars who have given all these will always be comsidered as superstars forever..

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