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10 years back a flop film like Ghanchakkar did 6-7crs..meaning similar FF on opening day.

Ranbir kapoor..What kind of stardom is this?
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Right now and with the new reality of the market, i ll say yes it's a good opening for this genre of film.

Well for Ranbir, he is not yet there with the Khans and Hrithik but he is the star of his generation for sure. And we will evaluate his stardom with Animal.
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Since the brand value of RK after Brahmastra are on a high and goodwill of Luv is also there so one can expect atleast 20 cr plus on holi... so for me its an under-performance for sure..  
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Thta's the problem now, Luv's films worked and would still work in the market before the pandemic not anymore.
And the brand value of any actor now will be mesured by a massy film only. That's sad, but looks like the reality now.
You show melons and peaches in every promotional material and serve Idly wada like a pure veg family restaurant. People who come to see peaches and melons will be disappointed and family audience won't come seeing the peaches and mini bouncing melons..
You put it well :-)
Sadly, it's bollywood now !
It reminds me of a disaster called Thoda pyar thoda magic. It was a family/kids film on posters and trailer but the song Lazy lamhe was all over the place where patel was on the verge of nip slip in a tiny bikini.
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Ranbir Kapoor is Bollywood royalty, he gets the best projects, he gets the best directors, he gets the best studios, he gets everything on a platter.

Bollywood would push him hardest than they've pushed anyone, no matter how mediocre he is and despite all this backing, he's yet to be a STAR after 16 years.

Also remember how a hit movie is Ranbir Kapoor's magic, but a failure is on director, audience, studio and Co stars.
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Yes, it's very good. At these times when no movies are working, Ranbir Kapoor still could bring some audiences. I second Bandhsah on everything.
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I don't agree bro. 14cr for a star like ranbir is low in 2023 . That figure a sign that people are not interested in this product . It's almost like what Ek mein aur ek tu did 10-12 year back. It will perform similar to that film inflation adjusted in tickets price for lifetime.
Look also at Akki and Aamir, Ranbir is doing better than them.

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