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Isaaqbaazi Is a Complete Addiction Now.

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Didnt liked at first listen but now its on loop for most of the day, it didnt got great response on youtube and other platforms but will get huge response at screens.
in General by Assistant Director (50.2k points)

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Ye humko pehle hi pata tha, humko toh 2nd day pe hi addiction sa hogaya, I must have listened it 100+ times since then.
It grows on you with repeat hearings, it won't be a instant Chartbuster like Mera naam Tu or aankh marein it's a lambi race ka ghoda.
Picture release hone ke baad ye aur popular hoga.

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)
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+1 vote

Abhi addiction hain. Film release ke baad poor song, poor lyrics, not trending bla bla bla.

by Producer (103k points)

U should be banned for telling the truth ..

+1 vote

Yup. The language is such that it takes time to catch on, but once it does, it is a sureshot chartbuster

by Mega Star (226k points)
+1 vote

I Listen To It Daily And Also Watch The Video

And The Part From Woh Humse Prem Gajab Karti... Mahn I Just Love It

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)
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me too


by Location Scout (4.1k points)


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