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Pathaan almost doubled up on its third Saturday as it went into double digits again with a 10 crore nett plus day to cruise past the 450 crore nett mark. The film showed growth of around 90-95% on Saturday and this was across the board with mass circuits also doubling up.

This takes the film to 454 crore nett and there will be another big number on Sunday but then numbers will come down to lower levels. There should be a good boost on Valentines Day and then it comes down to the fourth Friday for that 500 crore nett benchmark. The benchmark does look there for the film but so far it has racked up the numbers without any competition and from Friday the flow of new releases start.

These type of films are very frontloaded but Pathaan has sustained collections superbly well till date. The collections could have been better in some circuits but that is more to with the lower initial collections in some pockets rather than the holds. The collections of Pathaan (Hindi) till date are as follows.

Week One - 3,47,75,00,000 apprx (9 days)

Friday - 13,00,00,000 apprx
Saturday - 22,25,00,000 apprx
Sunday - 27,50,00,000 apprx
Monday - 8,00,00,000 apprx
Tuesday - 7,25,00,000 apprx
Wednesday - 6,50,00,000 apprx
Thursday - 5,75,00,000 apprx
Second Week - 90,25,00,000 

Friday - 5,50,00,000 apprx
Saturday - 10,75,00,000 apprx

TOTAL -  4,54,25,00,000 apprx

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The most loved Superstar of Bollywood got what he deserved though the film didn't deserve this much attention if we minus SRK

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General people came out in support because they thought srk was targeted by the g0vt in aryan case  and also right wings unnecessary reaction to besharam rang made many people to watch the film in support of srk ( like me)
I don't agree yara. People came to see a good film and that's what they got. A film which they want to view in cinema and not on their laptops.... think if Saare Jahan Se Acha was SRK's comeback film. It wouldn't have generated this much money I believe. Pathaan had almost everything which people like to see in a film. Hero they like, villain face they knew and loved him in Dhoom also. Deepika py aap tabsara karein gy. Too much action. And then Salman-SRK ki jodi bhi.
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Still amazed at the legs this movie showing in its run so far. I totally expected the film to gradually fizzle out after the extended weekend, given the typical front-loaded nature of this genre.

Great run.

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Same here. I was expecting maximum 250cr lifetime at best. This sort of trending is insane.
Same here. I also thought that Sultan type trending will repeat but fortunately it was a Shah Rukh Khan film
The best part about all this is that boycott agendas are crushed completely. We needed a movie like this badly.

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