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Total approx footfalls of Top 5 Stars !

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Total count of Footfalls of top 5 stars since their debut :

1-Salman khan  92.5cr (74movies)

2-Srk khan          75cr (63 movies)

3-Aamir khan   51.5cr(44 movies)

4-Akki Kumar     82cr (112 movies)

5- Ajay devgn     65cr (96 movies )

Note: Data prior to 94 is taken approximately +/- error is acceptable
Source Link: BOI
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2 Answers

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Aamir 4 Cr Footfalls 1
Aamir 3 Cr Footfalls 5
2 Cr Footfalls 9
1 Cr Footfalls 25

Footfalls Of Only Successful Films Of Aamir Around 45 Crs

Btw Aamir Has 42 Films In Career (Around 55 Crs Footfalls)

Didnt Count Other Actors Footfalls.

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@ rancho, bhai mere calculation se dil may touch 3cr but QSQT has no chance to reach 2cr.


Dil 12 Cr Tak Jayega After Update Old BOI Hi Shayad 2.8 Cr Footfall Tak Chala Jaata, New 3 Cr Tak Jaana Chahiye

It Collected 25% Higher Than Big Blockbuster Ghayal As Per New BOI In Almost All Circuits When 1st Run Ended.

Qsqt Was Called A HUGE HIT By BOI And Compared With Eak Duje Ke Liye Mujhe Nahi Lagta 2 Cr Footfall Se Kam Hoga. Collection 6 Cr Honge.

Baaki Dekhte Hain Abhi Hum Sab Bas Assume Kar Sakte Hain BOI Ka Update Ka Wait Hai Bas Sabko


obviously agar 12 jayega then footfall would be around 3.5 cr. real problem is net collection of old movies, humlog kewal aprox data hi de sakte hai.


Hmm Bhai Dekhte Hain Bt Mere Khayal Se Dil 3.3 cr Hoga (Assuming 12 Crs As Its Almost 25% More Than Ghayal)

Qsqt 2 cr (Assuming 6 Crs As It Was Called Huge Hit And Compared With Another Blockbuster Eak Duje Ke Liye)

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Megastar Salman khan is the biggest among all debuted after 80's.
He will soon open the 100cr footfalls club

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