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Megastar... The word wouldn't be needed if you were his fan. New tag in town, lol.


Do you remember Dharmendras career?


@devendran I am among the first to start it. Across every platform, addressing him that way. It feels good to see it finally get picked up. But even if it wasn't, it just makes me happy address him that way. That's the main reason for the posts to highlight that.

I remember Dharam's career. I worked on a special book released on the occasion of 100 years of Bollywood. But then me research on films in particular started way before I took up writing or even the whistling woods film making course.

So I would like to see what you want to deduce for Salman by remembering Dharmendra's career.


I respect your respect for Salman. I will not troll him whenever it's your post.

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College time memory ...

I enjoyed a lot

Nice movie

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