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Maula Jatt will crush each n every film, as of now it looks like that

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Legend of Maula Jatt is remake of 1979 Pakistani blockbuster Maula Jatt... Maula Jatt is a sholay of Pakistan... It has best star cast with two biggest superstars of the country in the film.. Since bharat will release one week after Maula Jatt.. As eid will not have bollywood releases to protect local films.. Its simultaneously releasing in China.. But Overall Bharat a much bigger film

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Phr delay karenge bhai ki film ko yahan :/

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Salman khan is bigger than Fawad khan in Pakistan but Maula jatt has more chances to outgross Bharat
1-They won't allow bharat to release during Eid festival so it will be a 1 week late release. So maula jatt will get the benefit of festival.
2-Due to late release if Bharat receives poor wom, it will be affected and even with good wom piracy will play spoiler part.
3-Maula Jatt is the biggest movie of Pakistan with huge starcast.
So it will be Salman vs all
I just hope bharat manages to release in Pakistan.

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)
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Film is said to be first simulatenous release in China from Subcontinent as per PRs. Let's see.

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This movie has been in making for like 3 years, the cast is huge, let's see what it does.

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Won't make a difference since Salman's popularity there is way more than fawad

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thing is Maula Jatt is not just relying on Starpower of Fawad

first, it's a remake of Pakistani film Maula Jatt released in 70s 80s, which is Sholay of Pakistani cinema (a film about which Dharmendra said that we thrice tried to make a copy of Maula Jatt but failed etc etc)

Second, Fawad Khan

Third, Hamza Ali Abbasi.......he is a heartthrob.....he is the second biggest young star of Pakistan after Fawad

Fourth, Mahira Khan

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