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Next India vs Australia Test starts from Friday. Whats your prediction for this one?

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Having closely followed the match, I can say that the first one was not in any way a one sided affair. With the tail that can bat Aussies really could have mounted a successful chase.

The next match is at Perth and the ground is said to be hosting its first test match. Can Indians again bat well? Can Kohli get back to his ways, "The best in the world" ways? or the first match was just a blip for the Aussies?

I think India will again win this one. Again not by a huge margin though.
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Australia's best chance to win a test in this series. Perth Will have a bounce and carry, a greentop is expected, so winning the toss and bowling India out is their only hope. Mcg and scg are both slow pitches which won't suit Australia at all.

4-0 loading for India

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4-0 will be a monumental moment for us Indians and VK

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Australia will win for sure
3-1 loadingggg

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hahaha itnaaa gussaaaa kyu mere bhai


I will not support india till ravi shastri is the coach


The guy being a commentator for almost half his life.. goes on and says... Gotii mooh me aa gayi thi...

I was watching it live. I was like FUCCKKK


Yeah and the same man is the coach of national indian cricket team imagine that

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If India plays Jadeja instead of Ashwin & take Umesh or Bhuvi in place of Rahul then India will win series 4-0

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Greek god, bhuvi doesn't have the pace for these conditions. Strongly disagree. Umesh can fit in if Perth is a green top. I'd personally go for an all out pace attack at Perth.

Play kuldeep and ashwin both at mcg and scg. Anyhow series belongs to india


Being a bit overconfident here Intense, are we


Nah bro. The venues for the 3rd and 4th test anyways will heavily favour india due to them being on the slower side. A quick pitch at Perth is Australia's only chance of getting back at India.



I wish nothing but 4-0


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