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srk made dharma productions , agreed for kkhh without reading script for his father yash johar  even when he was on top and made karan  a known face...
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"Shahrukh is like my son, he is my friend, I don't think I'll ever be able to make a movie without him"

This is what Yash Johar ji said about SRK, and look what Karan is doing to SRK. I hope SRK ends whatever friendship they have.

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he cannot end it publicly because there would be lot of negativity but personally i think he already has he just sees karan as another colleague now

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I think YES. Karan might have some issues with SRK.

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agree or not karan ows everything to srk ..he always refered to srk as his elder brother how cud he forgot everything

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He was also not in koffee with karan season 4 as well.. It is rumor that Ranbir and him will come on finale

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he did not come in season 4 because they were not on talking terms during that time as well gauri khan is much closer to karan than srk that is the truth


now Baahubali guys will be in the finale, not SRK-RK

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yes he wont come on the show and he is too big a man to let his fight out in the public so he will always behave professionally with karan in public but there is no friendship left now

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i hope never


yeh Jordan bhaisaab ko khwab atay hain raat ko k kiska relation kaisa hai.......lmbi lmbi chodnay mein mza ata hai bhai ko??


haha just my thinking


Karan prefers business over everything. For clash he ended friendship with kajol, But now for Simba he has patched up with Ajay and kajol , also showing cold vibes to KJO.

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I do not think their friendship is over but there is certainly some strain between them. If zero becomes a BB, kjo will be back to his senses

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sahi baat. Actually aditya and kjo thinking they need not srk anymore. Hypocretes they are. They value business more than friendship. What to do! after all this is a business all.


SRK has had a bad phase and all those who are surviving because of him, people like karan have become too big for their boots. Let zero perform, SRK will put these guys back in place. Nothing succeeds like success

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