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they are the worst ....

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Seeing the reply in RCE twitter account I am sure SRKians are in panic mode. What the fcuk Mr. Shah Rukh Khan thinks man. Social media is not the world. Only 30% indians have access to basic internet. And maybe 1% of them are on Twitter. RCE is filled with delusional people who can't think beyond mumbai, delhi. And with the kind of promotion they are doing I fear ZERO might open below 20 crore. SRK is overdoing the marketing with every film. His films are not reaching in suburbs, villages or towns.

by Producer (103k points)
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dont worry it will open to 30 crores


overdoing the marketing for people who already know about the movie.

and not reaching those who aren't aware of it.

shittiest marketing team ever.

though it will definitely open above 20cr.


The way buzz is going down its alarming. I hope I am wrong. But SRK needs to fire the Marketing team of RCE. Simmba is creating lots of buzz in mass areas. It will hurt ZERO badly in 2nd week for sure.

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They are becoming worst.... There was a time when SRK and his RCE team. Used to do ground level promotions by visiting places but since last 2yrs or so they are doing more in online promotions than ground level.

It's just 10 days left and the promotions is aak thuu with 2 songs not becoming hit (apart from social media).

And. Sabse worst those SRKsuniverse people who have connection with RCE people but instead of giving them the reality they lick asses of RCE people just to be in good books of RCE for invitations at programmes etc

NEED a lungi dance kind of turnout in buzz

by Producer (114k points)

some people have said that proper city marketing will happen in last 10 days. I hope that's the plan.

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They are Idiots of highest order, complete duffers, they are elite level morons, think that there is no india outside metros, and bigger idiotic duffers are those Srkians who support them, asking that RCE knows better, the hell they know better, saalon ko chaurahe par ulta latkakar chappalon se peetna chahiye, brainless turds.

by All Time best! (269k points)

These moronic SRKians on Twitter make me so damn angry. Saara din useless trends karke apne aap ko mubarak dete rehte hain.

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shahrukh will get good opening and weekend even without any promotions so its good in a way that he is doing less promotions this time maybe he is really confident about the film

by Casting Director (16.6k points)

They are doing a lot of promotion, problem is it's not targeted properly.

They keep doing nonsensical promotions on social media. This only reaches people who already know about the movie, and actually turns them off from the movie before it even releases.

Meanwhile the people who don't know about it aren't even on RCE's radar. Shittiest marketing team ever.


dont worry exhibitors will start ground level promotions and again as i said the biggest promotion for any movie is always free and that is wom and srk will get huge openings and weekend even without much promotions

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Jhms mini trailers was the most idiotic idea ever

by Mega Star (226k points)

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