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Sharadha kapoor put Stree hair in her hair.. It can a hint that was she a stree.. If yes then why she wanted to kill her.. But wikipedia says that she wanted Stree's powers as power lies in her hair...
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She Wasnt Stree

She Was Another Evil Lady (Witch) Who Wanted To Increase Her Power
For That She Needed Stree's Hair
But She Directly Couldnt Do So Hence Used Rajkumar Rao

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

Thats make more sense


You are almost spot on except for the fact that Shradha was not an evil lady.....
She was the spirit but the good one and just wanted to increase her powers....for what never explained!!...
As she made the statement in the film that
"Har aatma buri nahin hoti"....indirectly referring to herself.....


Thanks Abbie Forgot That Scene
Bechare Rajkumar Ka Dil Tod Diya Tha Isiliye Mai Emotional Ho Gaya


The movie is satirical and speaks about Feminism. They might get a strong role for Shraddha for part two for a good FEMALE SPIRIT, and speak a bit further about the issue in next part.

Abki baar, Stree mard ko sirf nanga hi nahi bahut kuch aur karegi..

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Kuch khaas nahi laga...
Last Scene to smjh he nahi aaya ye SHRADDHA kaise Gayab ho jati hai Last me mjhe to smjh he nhi aaya Pata bhi nahi chlta suru se kii Shraddha Bhi Ghost rhti hai...

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I really liked Stree, but I was surprised at how many things were left unexplained.

Like why was Stree picking men up, what was Shraddha trying to do, how did she come back the next year if her powers were taken away.

They basically left the specifics out.

This could have backfired hugely, but since the movie itself was good and entertaining, people didn't care about that. Even though I left the cinema a bit confused, I still knew the movie would make big bucks.

I do hope they answer all the questions part 1 raised appropriately in the sequel.

by Editor (82.0k points)
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I guess it goes this way.

Shraddha was a normal human being but a spirit catcher etc (adventurous).

So she destroys the evil, BUT the evil's hairs are still there which has the evil powers.

So instead of leaving it here and there she attaches to herself as she is a nice person and that evil powers wont overcome her goodness.

Now at the end we can see that there is statue of Stree and its written as "O Stree Raksha karna". which means there might come another evil in Stree-2 where this good stree (Shraddha kapoor) will fight with the bad stree with her powers.

I guess this is the answer which I felt while watching 2-3 times climax in piracy (once in theater)

by Producer (114k points)
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andhadhun and stree both overrated with average 2nd half

by Location Scout (4.1k points)

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