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Throwback: Chocolaty Boy Aamir On Cover Page Of Filmfare Magazine

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in Actors by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

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Megastar looking so nice!...............

by Producer (107k points)
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after srk came aamir had to shift from romantic roles to something different to survive and thats a good thing otherwise he would have never done films like lagaan or dch

by Casting Director (16.6k points)
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atleast madhuri had 15+ hits in her career lol

by Location Scout (4.1k points)

Yes, data! Madhuri is bigger star than Aamir anytime according to Aamir fan Rancho.


Dum Prk Bots Stop Blabbering Nonsense Even Media Made Star Srk Doesnt Stand Anywhere In Comparison To Aamir What To Say About Madhuri
You People Can Only Manipulate Facts LMAO

These Are Real Facts


Lmfao rofl hehe haha

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And Zin, TB, Suhas all whoever is in the boards of admin. These self answered questions is not what a forum means. A forum is where discussions happen. These posts with best answers should be moved to archives....

by Camera Operator (12.0k points)

haha.....u hv a point brother.....raising forum's standard is good.....n u can do that......but your focus is too much on BEST ANSWER selection as if after it gets selected, others shouldn't answer as their answer will not matter


Not that brother. I have been answering all posts where I am concerned and where they bad words for SRK specially. I have been following this forum since long, but it doesn't have that magic now. This forum used to be collections all data, but it now has information regarding only few stars too, other content aren't even viewed more than 50 times.


agree that forum had better standards before......also one thing is that we are done with all kinds of posts relating to collections/data......until BOI uploads pre 1990s data, u won't be seeing any good posts on they will do that, atleast 6months on this forum will be very informative, i think


Yes. Eagerly waiting for that. Maybe some self-written articles that are not biased will be good too. I will be following the forum. It's a good place to kill some time daily.


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