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Three letters... SRK
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I think 5 letters baadshah bhaai. Jsrks
Bhai you meant Junior SRKs ?
Janaab shah rukh khan saab.
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Because it was Childhood Hero of millions coming back after an absence of 4 years.

People missed SRK and it showed.
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Bollywood is still not doing full potential business in Overseas. And only SRK has the power to spread Bollywood further into overseas. If his upcoming movies are greater, it can do 100million USD range business easily. And that would help other Bollywood movies get some attention too.
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100 millions USD is too much right now (and without Pakistan and new markets)...
But i think Dunki with a christmas release has the potential for a minimum 60 millions if it is accepted.
We need to check if any international movie except in English language have done 50m in US. If so, Hindi also can imo
There is a lot of european films which did 40 millions + in US. But it's not the same audience.
The reach for bollywood movies is still limited to Indians, Pakistanis... That's why the 20 millions USD is still the target.
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I live in Edinburgh/UK. I think most of the Bangladeshi/indian/Pakistani/nepalese people live here watched the movie. Till 15 days Pathaan had most occupancy, yeah, more than all Hollywood movies including avatar.

The simple reason is SRK. Nothing else.
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Even though it performed great , in muslim centres it performed even greater in India. Large desi muslim population made it's overseas performance even greater than the domestic performance. I think it's overseas performance will be in top 3 even in 2040.
There's nothing to do with Muslim or religion. I'm talking about UK. Not Pakistan.

But yeah It's true Shahrukh would have Been even greater in india if there's no political/religious bakchodi ignited by BJP/bhakts/extremists.

See It's not only overseas, even out of core india where bakchodi is less and people dont speak hindi, SRK is biggest by margin. Be it bengal, be it South india..srk is the biggest name from Bollywood.
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I don't think it has overperformed. For me it's the real level for any good accepted movie from SRK.

And we will see it again with Jawan and Dunki.
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Dunki maybe. Jawan no
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I still believe that Pathaan didn't perform to SRK's full potential.. His range is way more then what Pathaan achieved in overseas.. hopefully Dunki will meet my expectations in overseas  
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it overperformed for bollywood standar of course 

but when you see the collection of dilwale raees fan and jhms ect... you see that it do what all srk films are doing since ddlj, record businnes when liked and great businnes even for not so liked films 

all eyes on dunki , if liked then pathaan record will be gone for sure 
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Congratulations on your optimism.. It's very very very difficult
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Megasfar SRK ... what else
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SRK is the Darling of Overseas .... they will never disappoint him.... plus coming after a gap of 4 years was the reason..... 
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It's perform as par The Megastar Shahrukh Khan Name.
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