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1    Salman Khan = Rs. 253.25cr
2    Virat Kohl = Rs. 228.09cr
3    Akshay Kumar = Rs. 185cr
4    Deepika Padukone = Rs. 112.8cr
5    Mahendra Singh Dhoni = Rs. 101.77cr
6    Aamir Khan = Rs. 97.5cr
7    Amitabh Bachchan = Rs. 96.17cr
8    Ranveer Singh = Rs. 84.67cr
9    Sachin Tendulkar = Rs. 80cr
10    Ajay Devgn = Rs. 74.50cr
11    AR Rahman = Rs.    66.75cr
12    Alia Bhatt = Rs. 58.83cr
13    Shah Rukh Khan = Rs. 56cr
14    Rajinikanth = Rs. 50cr
15    Varun Dhawan = Rs. 49.58cr
16    Anushka Sharma = Rs. 45.83cr
17    Ranbir Kapoor = Rs. 44.50cr
18    Arijit Singh = Rs. 43.32cr
19    Sanjay Dutt = Rs. 37.85cr
20    PV Sindhu = Rs. 36.50cr
21    Katrina Kaif = Rs.    33.67cr
22    Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy = Rs. 32.46cr
23    Rohit Sharma = Rs. 31.49cr
24    Pawan Kalyan = Rs. 31.33cr
25    Kareena Kapoor Khan    = Rs. 31cr
26    Vijay = Rs. 30.33cr
27    Hardik Pandya = Rs. 28.46cr
28    Junior NTR = Rs. 28cr
29    Vikram = Rs. 26cr
30    Karan Johar = Rs. 25.90cr
31    Amit Trivedi = Rs. 25.28cr
32    Sanjeev Kapoor = Rs. 24.50cr
33    Mahesh Babu = Rs. 24.33cr
34    Suriya = Rs. 23.67cr
34    Vijay Sethupathi = Rs. 23.67cr
36    Nagarjuna = Rs. 22.25cr
37    Sidharth Malhotra = Rs. 21.67cr
38    Nucleya = Rs. 21.63cr
39    Kortala Siva = 20cr
40    Jacqueline Fernandez = Rs. 19.95cr
41    Hrithik Roshan = Rs. 19.56cr
42    John Abraham = Rs. 19.30cr
43    Vishal-Shekhar = Rs. 19.04cr
44    Ravichandran Ashwin = Rs. 18.90cr
45    Diljit Dosanjh = Rs. 18.50cr
46    Sonu Nigam = Rs. 18.46cr
47    Rajkumar Hirani = Rs. 18.33cr
47    Sanjay Leela Bhansali = Rs. 18.33cr
49    Priyanka Chopra = Rs. 18cr
50    Mammootty = Rs. 18cr
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in General by All Time best! (302k points)

People's sweat and blood money looted by Race 3 goes to Sallu's pocket. Not at all deserving this year, Race 3 and Big Boss are both too bad and has lowered Sallu's trust in public.

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by Producer (118k points)
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Megastar at the same place where he belongs no 1

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
+2 votes

Megastar at the top. Nothing new but feels good :)

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)
+2 votes

Deepika >>>Aamir>>>>Shahrukh

Too Much Fun:D

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)

SRK's nett worth >>>>>>>>>> Deepika + Aamir (rofl) (rofl)


Srk didn't had a release..Its all from ads or kkr... Update the list after zero forbes..and aamir'a TOH flopped he couldn't have taken share of profits as there were no profits...

+1 vote

So boring to see Salman Khan without a competitor

by Producer (114k points)
0 votes

Good for Megastar Salman Khan, he should also enjoy such lists, Megastar SRKING is enjoying his place as one of the richest Actor on this whole Planet..........But this is good too..!!

by All Time best! (269k points)

Wedding mujra category list always tops srk.. that's good :D


:D :D :D

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Akshay >आमिर +srk (muscle)(giggle)

by Location Manager (5.8k points)
0 votes

If he is getting 350cr for big boss then where that money gone..also this year he had dus ma dum too..

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)

bol toh aise raha hai jaise ki tu khud paisa diya hai :D

–1 vote

good news for salman bhai he can finally hire a decent lawyer now

by Casting Director (16.6k points)

Go on twitter and start srk trends.. he might hire you... so many srk fans are working for their king this way on twitter :)


na bro i am not that talented and not in mumbai too


Jordan aren't we tired of making the same jokes on Salman and law? He's had his share of mess ups but good part is he's learned from it and moved on to become a better person.


i respect salman man i just comment like this to maintain balance because majority of the people on the forum are huge salman fans plus i can see a lot of hate for srk too here

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