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Seems like other than me everyone likes it. That's great. I'm happy for the movie even if personally I didn't like it.



Irshad Kamil in his elements. I was wondering whether this singer's voice will suit Shah Rukh or not. No more wondering. It just that sweet.

In the middle I thought okay exposition of the vfx will take over. But come on, it's romance & everything looks better when you put Shah Rukh in the middle. Even if it's Aanand L Rai's lovely obsession with colors. He did it so better in all his previous films, he couldn't go wrong this time too.


Nice song, the youtube version is short so I listened the full version on Saavn & its much better. Thumbs up from me.


If Dhadak title song is 4.5/5 then this one is a 4/5 lyrics & tune wise ...

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A little late i m but will share my thoughts

How much i wanted SRK to be tall is looking cute but not very macho......this song deserved macho this film looks like a risky thing unlike trailer....what audience will feel for the characters?

Regarding song, i love how SRK dances, especially that KING KONG beating he did on YEH ELAAAN HAIIIII........this is SRK for u, never* fails to make a romantic song different, always non-repetitive in given limited scope.......he is there to entertain u with his complete effort/rehearsals

why i m praising SRK for having different gestures/steps in romantic songs is because heroes do act lame in romantic songs.....Salman bhai tops the chart.....Hrithik in that song of Krrish 3, dil tu he bta, how he was again n again doing that arm opening stuff.....i declared back then that Hrithik hasn't been so lame in his career as he was in that song

*''never'' is a rule.....but as an honest SRK fan i will share an EXCEPTION, last n only time i remember him being lame in last 2decades is in Gerua where he says VEERAN THAA DIL KA JAHAN.....non-prepared SRK was there, BTS work must be ''haan haan, yeh main kr ln ga.....bna ln ga kuch na kuch.......jaldi karo....paani thanda hai neechay''

by Assistant Director (41.3k points)
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Only One Word Chartbuster. One of the best song of Shahrukh Khan career. This song helping a lot to increase buzz on another level. When Shahrukh khan comes on a romantic movie he never falls at the box office. 30 cr+ opening will be confirm.

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)

Kitna pakayega...lagta ha ab bhi Race 3 dekne ke sadme mein


@ajay, the other day you had said mera star waapas aa gya. Aamir and Salman jaisa chhota star nahi hai srk. Bhai maamla Kya hai? Aap to pure politician ho:D


Kuch nahi zindagi main maza tabhi hai jab sabko troll karo aur fan kisi actor ke na bano. Content is the king and i accepted it. So all actors are chote mote star. Only srk is gigastar. Kyunki uske fans theatre nahi jaate. (rofl)


Ajay ki sarcasm in bewakuf srkian ko samaj nai ayi..:D

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Vintage SRK. And a relief to hear a voice other than arijit. Fantastic.

by Mega Star (226k points)

@Intense this @Ajay is much more confusing than Aamir in TOH .. pata nahi kab palti mardey ..
Till last you don't know whose side is Aamir .. Indians or Britishers ..


Bro jab jis star ki movie aane waali ho to release se pahle agar lage ki ye movie chal sakti hai to destroy karne ke liye khoob troll karo. Isme kick hai. Too much fun.:D


@irdwhelp, he is for sure.

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Dis is a blockbuster song.....4/5
Wonderful expressions and choreography...
Kaash movie bhi blockbuster material ho...fingers crossed

by Camera Operator (11.6k points)

Abhay Jodhapurkar has sung it well, I was tired of seeing arijit singing all romantic songs for every and any actor


Ya dis is refreshing happy

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Song of the year is here. Just fantabulous. SRK at this charming best. Anushka looks so cute. But just 2 mins, the length should have been longer. Still awesome. Watching it on loop. Already addicted!

by Super-star (189k points)
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The bit in trailer 5/5
The whole song 4.5/5

Still its almost the best song of the year for me. I will try the whole audio once and will confirm if it is THE song :)

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)

Lage raho bhai sarcasm..:D

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Wow wow wow! After a very long time a perfect romantic melody from SRK... the video is more beautiful this man does have some charismaa man... 4.5/5 this will take buzz on another level salman and srk song must come later because this is enough to create the hype.

by Assistant Director (50.2k points)
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I liked the song both the audio and the video (liked the video more)

Vibes of pehli baar/yaad lagle in this song

I personally liked all promos of zero till now except the 1st one in which srk was introduced in innerwear rest all were good

2-3 songs will be chartbuster
Director and starcast is great
Film will have comedy romance and emotions
Srk will anyways go all out in promotions

These are positives

The concerns are

Will public accept srk as a dwarf?
Will they be able to justify srk betraying anushka?
Will they be able to provide a happy ending to the movie where srk unites with anushka?

Biggest concern ofcourse is Simbaa

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)
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First time hearing, I had mixed feelings that only hook line is good else it's too slow..but then I listened to 5-6 times...Everytime I felt better than the last one...The magic is all over..whether it's Srk or the's great...anand l rai said I ll bring Srk to audience which they used to love a lot...I think to much extent he is doing's love anthem of the year...chartbuster...awesome

by Cinematographer (92.9k points)
+3 votes anthem of d year.......ajay atul.....khup khup chaan.......:)

by Unit Manager (34.4k points)
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As expected chartbuster, Ajay Atul continues to churn out quality product. Toh was one off.
Zero can be the album of the year.
I heard the full song on gaana before watching it & I must say this is the best song by SRK in a long time.
So a chartbuster song after a well received trailer for all Srkians, congratulations

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)
+3 votes

I am in Trance after listening to this song so good and this singers voice pure 90s wali vibe Hain voice mein.(clap)

Am I the only one who liked the Antara more than the Mukhda of this song.

One negative aspect I can think of is the English type ballad they did at last, it totally takes you out the songs mood.(atleast for me).

Congrats Srkians I think you have winner in your hands with this one.

by Set Decorator (1.6k points)
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The song is good. And it's a blockbuster in this forum already along with this post having more than 1k views.

by Camera Operator (12.0k points)
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They have released nly small version of the song. Things will get clear when mp3 version will be out.Anyways, after a long time SRK is been seen enjoying himself. I just wish that choreography was better.Dialogue was good but not needed in promo.
Song will take time to grow.

by Super-star (161k points)

Full song already out. Its fantastic


Listening on loop. Fabulous. One of srk's best.


Yes. Song is good. Lyrics are excellent.

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Very new what Shahrukh is doing!.... All the best....

by Producer (107k points)
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Beautiful composition with Beautiful aura..
Perfect Song for Srk and his charisma.Song is very soothing and very good repeat value plus Overall picturisation gives you feel good Feeling..
Definitely one of the best song of 2k18...

by Director (131k points)
+2 votes

Good vibe, song is growing. Nice lyrics, Other than Arijit is also nice job. Giving vibe of blockbuster at boxoffice.

by Unit Manager (31.2k points)
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Song is very good.. Wish they had some other actress instead of this annoying anushka.

by Location Manager (5.8k points)
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The Lyrics is good. Music is very good from Ajay Atul. But the singers voice is not that good. This song needed a deep voice like Arijit.

by Producer (103k points)
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this and selfish are the best romantic tracks this year

by Casting Director (16.6k points)

Selfish was also filmed on Salman..!!


@TB nope... Selfish was featured on Bobby & Daisy ..


It's first YouTube video had sabki aan, sabki shaan.


But ultimately it was featured on Bobby ...

–1 vote

Crap song with even more competitive overacting

by Production Accountant (24.2k points)

Song pasand nahi aaya, koi baat nahi, bas acting ki baat na karo, shobha nahi deta..!!


Jaise tuje acting mai oscar mila hai jo sirf tuje sobha deta hai acting k bare mai bolna?(rofl)


Ab advice deni thi, de di, manna ya na manna tumhari marzi.


Same advice tujhe vi deta hu rakh le

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Not nearly as good as expected. My worries about this movie are back now. I think it's gonna flop. Something seems off.

by Editor (82.0k points)

Lifetime so low it will make you shudder.....damn that is brutal.


"Lifetime so low it will make you shudder" - Already happened
"Pitiful Opening" - Already happened

What I've been feeling since before Zero that SJSA will be a good film, because not of SRK, not of director, not of anything, it's just a feeling that it'll be good, and I'm not concerned about it's quality, yeah i said it, despite SRK's recent misadventures, it's just a feeling from inside, heck, even Don 3 if made will be a good movie, that's the feeling tgat was missing at time of Zero.

But my concern will always remain with it's appeal towards wider audience.


I also had that feeling during JHMS. My advice is that throw that feeling in the trash and prepare for the worst.


It's not a feeling, I actually know that it'll be good movie.

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Abhi roj ka naatak shuru Ho jayega.

Srk fans before release - best trailer of the year, best music album of the year, so much positivity about movie, ALR is great director, he directed blockbuster movies, anushka hai yash raj hai blablabla.

After movie become flop- ALR is not god director, trailer received negative response. Music was below average, so much negativity before release, release date was bad, people come to watch rohit shetty film on holiday. Blablabla.

You can mention some of the popular excuses by srk fans.

by Production Accountant (24.5k points)
–7 votes

Wow oscar wining acting at the start... only hook line sound good rest wohi avg song.:D

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)

Ale le tauji ne english mae dailogue mara.. irony :D


English does not equal to intelligence but i dont think you can comprehend this


Looks like raining of downvotes here. Aisa kya kah diya bhai.(rofl)


Ek aur english dailogue tauji ne mara..:D

Ajay sachayi.. :D

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