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New dialogue, but no nrw scene, that's good.

Naye dialogues chupane ke liye nahi hote aur naye scenes dikhane ke liye nahi hote..!!

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Its clear exact one month for release and they have to keep the buzz on the roll so that nobody cares about simbba great strategy frm rce which was missing during JHMS....

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this guy just needs to be on screen and i will watch anything 1st day all shows are confirmed

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Did you watch Jhms all shows on its 1st day ..(tmi)


yes and that is my point i get to see him in theater at most 2 times a year so 6 or 7 shows per year for him is nothing


I salute you

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Well exactly what was the point of this? Nothing new. Waiting for the song on 23rd now.

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Its been 20 days since trailer released to keep the buzz ahead they need extra stuff plus they are not revealing anythjng extra just focusing on old stuff in new way which is good


I want them to delay the Salman srk song for now. I hope the romantic song is the first to be out

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