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I watched few movies of a franchise, I don't remember them, it has Johnny Depp, he acts like a crazy type guy with hat & broken compass, he helps a couple & fight with undead people. The movie is about ships & treasure & island & rum..!!

Infact i'm even forgetting the name of character that Johnny Depp plays, I don't know how but I recently saw a Bollywood movie with ships & people drinking wine with straw on those ships and I've forgotten the said Hollywood movie since then.

Also the Johnny Depp's character loves his hat & movie has some sequels too, can anyone tell me the name of the movie & Johnny Depp's character in that..??
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If you fans request Farah Khan then she'll make one for you all to remember for life.


Don't spoil my fun. I am yet to watch this much awaited magnum opus..


Farah Khan or Salman Khan?

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Are you talking about some originals? I saw a similar one today, but Johny Depp looked different and short, the undeads were different.

Jack Sparrow or Firangi Mallah, my brain is messed up... I need medication. LMFAO.

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So it has begun :D

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Thugs of America..... And we already forgot that crappy jack sparrow...]:)

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Abe kya yaar . ... Hasa hasa ke maar daloge kya(party)

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