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I mean I can't wait for it after watching antics of Captain Firangi Mallah in Pirates Of India - Curse Of The Black Pearl, what an actor, what a performance, what a movie, God Of Bollywood they said, well said..!!
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hahahahahaha good one :D

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M excited to Pirates of Liliput - Half Mans Shit Romance ..:D

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Oh.. Cmon... He is the best in bollywood...(stardom+great performances+classic movies)... If you're insulting him... You're insulting bollywood... It's a rare failure by him.. He will be back... Just wait..

by Production Designer (14.7k points)

Lol rare failure? biggest movie of starcast , holidays, highest ticket price, 2 years in making and full on commercial entertainer.what else one need?


What else one need.. ?? .. Simple ...a good director..


Stardom + performance + classics lol, as if he's the only one with all that..!!


Yeah in this century he is the only one... Tell me if there is another one..

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The perfomance of Firangi malla is excellent, he gave his best but it's the script the let the movie down.

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better than amitabh bachchan? amitabh was the only saving grace (rofl)


Kashyap that's the reason why people hate aamir fans. Aamir is not comparable to big B, forget surpassing him....even as an actor.

Let any of the Khans survive and command central roles at the age of 76, then talk.


till age of 53, same 53yrs old Amitabh can be compared ya yeh paap hai?? @Intense


Big B in his time was one man army. No aamir is not comparable to him even then

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Haha.I can't wait for firangi mallah chapter 2(rofl)

by Production Accountant (24.2k points)

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