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I don't think toh is as bad as dilwale...the advantages and canvas toh has like never seen before. Audience trust almost gone fron srk. Dilwale clashed with SLB  directed big budget movie which had superb wom. Still dilwale crossed respectable number in 2015. And in overseas Its surprised everyone... A Film like dilwale did as much bhajrangi bhaijaan. That too with clashing with super positive movie, now see toh..... STARDOM ki baat hao bhai...

Happy new year was same bad movie still its became super hit. I don't think toh can cross 4years old HNY which was equally bad. There's differences between Star of situation, advantages and born star.
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WW collection of TOH will be half of Dilwale, a movie which faced protests, clash and negativity (both pre and post release). China mein bi disaster hoga! And they were talking about 3000 cr including China. Aak Thu!!!!!!

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Dilwale had rohit shetty.. srk kajol.. varunendra dhawanbali.. chartbuster songs... dont discredit its hype at that time... it was beaten by BM..

All Im saying is srk fans were backed in a corner.. they were quiet.. just praying to god that zero somehow becomes a hit.. and now all this.. dont forget.. this is one failure for amir after 5 atgs.. srk ne hit ka mooh nahi dekha hai bohot saal ho gaye

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I used to think Dilwale wasn't that bad, until I started watching it a few months ago.

I kept skipping, waiting for the good parts to come, and the movie ended but those parts never came.

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That date was good. Glad I watched How I Met Your Mother later. Also the twist kind of played well first time.


I instantly recognised the scene and was like "mission impossible 2, K3G, HIMYM sab ko rip-off kar diya issne to".

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The thing is srk never faced such after trailer n on day release negativity ever... if that comes he even fail to deliver 50cr that too on festival ...:D n pls dnt talk abt oversees of dilwale we all knew aunty kajol played imp role with pairing srk.. bol toh aise raha dilwale pehle n badh sare 25m hai..:D waise after dilwale there highly liked n rated movie fan bi thi.. uska bi overseas bolde kitna tha..:D

N wht hny was same bad movie.. ye kab hui... it was hny best movie of the year for srkfan.. aur jisne bi genuine reviews diye hny pe toh uske piche kutto ki tarah lage hue the... ab hny bad movie hogai hogai..dogla word sharma jae..:D

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