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Hoping for that. Perfect opportunity for SRK.

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The real picture will be clear by Monday, if aamir fails, SRK has to give hgoty, or else for the first time a director will be responsible for giving hgoty in 2018. :D

by Mega Star (226k points)

Anything yes credit goes to raj kumar hirani for sanju but actor is ranbir kapoor and nobody neglet it. So hgoty goes to obvious ranbir kapoor.


Intense even zero becomes hgoy then also for the first time director is responsible for giving hgoy in 2018..:D


Going by solely critics same masand gave 3.5 to Secret superstar which is bashed by many users here.. Raja sen also gave 3.5 to Secret... All the critics liked that film


Hirani isn't capable of opening which Sanju took in North. RK North ka Superstar.

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Expecatation From Aamir Atbb
He Gave Flop

Expecatation From Salman Blockbuster
He Gave Average

Expectations From Srk Flop
And He Gave Flop

Only Srk Met The Pre Release Expectations

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)



no , i think people expected decent movie from alr-srk combo

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TOH is not over yet, wait till monday.
About zero it was never supposed to be an event movie so not much expectation from it like Race 3 or TOH

by Location Scout (4.2k points)

The above post has "nothing" to do with numbers. The post is strictly based on the critics reviews.

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Critics not so important. Last year all the critics praised Secret Superstar but all the users here trolled Aamir's stardom and the box-office......

by Producer (107k points)
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Absolutely no.. bcoz ur expectation was from wrong person.. bcoz this guy giving disastrous collections even after audience liking :D

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)

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