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Is CHANDRALEKHA The First Indian Movie to Cross 3cr Footfalls [BOI]

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The only reason BOI compared Bahubali with Chandralekha is because that movie was not outright Hindi. 5 years in the making, it was at that time the costliest Indian film & despite running for long, it didn't recover it's costs. Then they re-shot scenes in Hindi with slightly different actors from North & retained most of the footage from Tamil version.

Coming back to Kismet & Rattan. Those were ATBB's according to BOI's older data. Now when they update it, the list might change. There will be difference in it's final updated collection too. Nevertheless, they never spoke about footfalls for older films back then. It'll be tough but going by the above paragraph, they're fairly certain, footfalls of Kismet & Rattan did not do 3cr footfalls.


But KISMET is ATBB ,,, According to many Sources


They might still be. But will have to wait till BOI updating that. Or at least a separate post for ATBB or ATG alone would suffice.

They could be ATBB's & still not be the ones with high footfallsnlike Chandralekha.

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I think it was KL Saigal's movie that used to run for at least a decade. He died cuz of alcoholism at the age of 43 . We need to research more, we can find the fact.

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