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Disha Patani wishes Happy Diwali in advance.

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People wear this type of wardrobe just say its fashion. Chiiii. If this is the fashion than why girls says rape is increase its obvious. A man have a harmon which attract girls for his side so this type of valgur fashion increase rapes all over the world.
Everybody known this truth but not say anything. Truth is truth.


Bro..a rapist will rape a women if he wants to even if the girl is wearing salwar kameez ...women are abused in the society not because of visual stimulation ..problem is the mind of male species and talking about equality ..... we have to understand. ..society can't force a man to be uncool or less confident or less macho or less charming or less powerfull or less rich ( aren't these things/features which attracts women ? ) and man correctly tries to be macho , confident , cool .....etc..but do these things make women to blowout and start raping men ? No.......
Same way a woman has certain ways of attracting the opposite sex if they have those features which men seek and love ..why not make use of it men do ?..

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This is mind blowing stuff ..setting is also nice ..erotica plus art..5/5 ..charming bright face ...and those perfectly shaped big big beautiful round .. bangles on her right hand.

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Stop with this Calvin Klein stuff and go make a bunch of erotic thrillers please.

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Soon I am going to start one campaign to provide free dresses to poor girls all over India. My dream to see her like this next time.

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Pretty big wishes from her side

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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2 big size balls much attract and thrill for me.

by Assistant Director (52.1k points)

dekho hai hamare society ka youth


Isme youth ki karabi nahi hai bhai pahle khud sudhar karo uske baad dusro se kaho. I mean jab actress khud hi n**d ghum kar dikhana chahati hai to koun nahi dekhega bhai.


nigahen neechi karlena chahiye ..bay tameez . nazron ki hifazat karo.


Acha hum nichi nigahe kar chale matlab kisi aur ke liye hum kyun jhele bhala. Khud hi dhung ka fashion kar lo.

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Kabhi hawali aao diwali manane ke liye....

by Producer (115k points)

Jackie Shroff Ke Nalle Bete Ke Maje Hain

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hahahah........inki bhi kya zindagi hai......doesn't matter kaunsa event hai, nangay honay zarori hai

by Assistant Director (41.3k points)

bhaisaab..Yeh Eid ke din bhi kuch aisa karne Ko kam nahin hai ..shayad bra aur panty mein mehmaanon ko sheer khurma paesh karte hue photo bhi daaalein ..uska us din ka mehmaan mein banna pasand karunga magr


hahaha.......sheer khurma will be so proud that day.......YEHI MERI ZINDAGI HAI, ZINDAGI HAI..........

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Absurd Wardrobe!.....

by Producer (107k points)

Damn u mangol pandae ..


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