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No movie has even come close to this cult comedy as for as my personal viewing is concerned ..
even though Aamir got the best one liners but its the duo's comedy alongwith all the characters makes this one to stand for a long time ..
Still if i watch i get the same smile on my face as that of my 1st viewing ....
Lastly ..
............Aaila.........Oyemaa............Kaleja thanda hogaya.........
Crime master go go! ...
& Lastly ....

by Producer (118k points)
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What an absolute laugh riot and a golden milestone for Salman and aamir. It bombed back then but what status it's achieved over the years is more than it's worth in numbers. If it releases today, bo history can be rewritten.

by Mega Star (226k points)

JJWS , AAA , DCH & Mann - I love all these films more than some of the big hits of Aamir..


I also like all the ones you mentioned. AAA and DCH are my absolute favourites from that list.

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With all undue respect to its crazy fans , I don't think this is some thing special , honestly , it's just a good film 3/5(handshake)

by Star (151k points)

With the same undue respect i disagree with U!.


That's very Democratic help , agreements and disagreements ..I may consider u taking in my Cabinet ..

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Nothing special ahout this movie. Very overrated. Very bad acting by Salman in some scenes.

I will say the best part is Paresh Rawal and his 2 incompetent assistants.

And the Hamara Bajaj scene is amazing.

by Editor (82.0k points)

From the 90s I find Mr and Mrs khiladi to be more funny and the legendary dulhe raja to be more Amusing than this..


I hate most 90's comedy movies. The one I liked the most is Baadshah.


Damn u Monsieur Hola ..Baadshah movie was ewwwww ..except that scene where Twinkle khanna wears that Red dress , while searching Srks room ..we can very much spot her fun bags (handshake)


Badshah n duplicate mae oscar winning acting pasand ane walo ko andaz apna apna kaise pasand ayegi..:D

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Good Film... But nowadays thr way people talking about it...seems Like One of Most overrated film.

by Producer (115k points)
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It's one meaningless comedy. But in terms of comedy, it succeeds. It's a movie I could watch multiple times and tolerate over-the-acting of both the Khans. It's better than Dhamaal.

by Camera Operator (12.0k points)
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Oh,is it 22? I and my friend can't come out of the hall because of stomach pain.Best comedy of all times

by Producer (114k points)
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Suhaag also released the same day n thrashed this cult classic very badly.......

by Unit Manager (39.7k points)

Those times there was also cult cl_assic movie which trashed some ones............:D

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Many people say its cult classic how this movie is cult classic because box office performance is flop at that time of release means that time of audience not liked the movie. Current generation like it so its get cult classic. But really its confirm that after some time or next generation also like it so not say anything about it. So box office performance matters.

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)

Box office performance has nothing to do with a movie gaining a cult status
Even the no 1 rated on imdb the shawshank redemption was flop in its theatrical release it is still one of the greatest movies ever made


Bro than ans my que why taht movie flop at that time of release because at that time audience not accepted that time of material but after generation change its cult classic because audience mindset change and audience accepted it in today's generation so it generation change related to cult classic. its not necessary that after new generation also accept it and its possibillity that in future its not more a cult classic.


Its cult classic bcoz even the audience which rejected at that time is also loving the film now
Coming to upcoming generation is doomed they have muscially users as stars upcoming generation is shit
Their opinion doesn't matter

0 ssk u r wrong.......:)

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2 megastars together in a film broke all the records at the time that was the power of these guys in the 90s

by Casting Director (16.6k points)

you are right madhuri really was a megastar now please list some films of salman bhai not madhuri to make the comparison


Salman 10
Madhuri 6
3cr+ footfalls
Salman 5
Madhuri 1
Salman 3
Madhuri 1
Salman has crossed 3.5cr footfalls (Half of hahk) 2 times Madhuri has never.
If madhuri is megastar so is Salman major thing is Salman has enjoyed more years of stardom than madhuri, though madhuri had a disadvantage of being heroine but you started it.
Btw madhuri did Anjaam and koyla with SRK I think you know the results.


So acc to your logic SRK can't give 200cr without deepika isn't it


200cr is too much for 60cr king.. let's make it 150..

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......overrated......dont like it........:)

by Unit Manager (34.4k points)

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