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It must be Akshay's character which is disguised as Rajni's character. What do you think?

If you guys have noticed ... It was Dr. Vasikaran character who can't transform himself as he is a normal human being. So it must be Akshay's character.

And should it be revealed in the trailer?
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It was Akki who disguised as Rajinikanth.

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its shankar doing the his thing mahn.... he's won't make it as easy as they think it looks from the trailer.... ofcourse it was akshay shape shifting.

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Its akshay kumar's charaater and in 2.O we will have to witness many such surprises people on this forum underestimating it for the reason best known to them but this film will be huge and will do minimum 250 crs in hindi that to on this poor pelease date.

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