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its so disgusting and irritating for him to call it again again and again. we have made world class vfx and first time in the world and what not....

kudos to kedarnath team....its  a highly impressive trailer..

other than what felt like a sushant singh rajput and saif ali khan kiss.
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Best teaser for new generation stars after aashqi 2 and it seems it will repeat the success of aashqi 2 storywise and music wise

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they should have released it with zero ... im sure this looks better than what world class vfx would look like


Saif Ali Khan?????


yeah that girl llooks so like saif ali khan.... i sort of cringed.... im sure i will have the same reaction when we'll see suhana khan kiss on screen....or when her bikini pics released onnline........ it just feels weird... i dont know why and i dont wanna know why. it just does.

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