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Bharat The Great Leader

Take Off

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This went mini-viral (rock)


Woah! Demand for Hindi dubbed films I guess.

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Bharat Ane Nenu seems to be removed because of content copyright. Take off is an above average movie, better than many Bollywood biggies.

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Yess bcoz the dubbing rights is with zee cinema rg entertainment unofficialy dubbed the movie and uploaded it that is why it is removed now

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What pathetic dubbing of bharat ane nenu only sanket mhatre's voice suits mahesh babu
Will watch in telugu now
Take off hindi dubbed good to see malyalam movies with content getting hindi dubbed will watch for sure
Ohh btw for record i think this is the fastest hindi dubbed movie of mahesh
I don't know why but that fraud company has now deleted bharart ane nenu from youtube
I think thy don't even have the dubbing rights what the hell how did they even get the movie

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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Take off is brilliant movie. Already seen it in Malayalam. Should've released on Goodmines channel for more viewers.

by Super-star (189k points)

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