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But the success of Three Idiots has shaken up the patterns of tourism in Ladakh, causing a surge in the number of domestic tourists and affixing at the centre of the tourist trail locations from the movie, such as the Druk White Lotus School and the Pangong lake. “Three Idiots has had a big impact on tourism in Ladakh. Inbound tourism to Ladakh used to be small, and most of it was international traffic.

After the film, the domestic tourist traffic jumped massively and now we are getting nearly 1.7 lakh tourists in a year,” said Rigzin Spalbar, chief executive councillor of the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council. Hit to Superhit Three Idiots released in December 2009. That year, according to the local tourism office, 48,517 domestic tourists visited Ladakh. In 2010, when the film became the highest grossing Bollywood film at the time, 55,685 domestic tourists made their way to Ladakh. The next year, the domestic visitors more than doubled to 142, 829. Last year, 1.4 lakh domestic tourists visited, contributing to a record number of 1.79 lakh visitors in all.

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take a bow raju hirani ..... the resurrector of dead careers.... and tourism in some places haha

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