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Will Sajid prove himself innocent and then shooting will resume?

Director will be changed?  Then there might be reshoot sequences

How much shooting has been complete

Will it be able to release on Diwali 2019

If not which movie will release HR Vs Tiger???
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2 Answers

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I think they get another comedy director and finish the movie and release in Diwali 2019.

maybe even Sajid Nadiadwala can step in. or they can get Anees Bazmee. if they get Priyadarshan, the entire tone will change, but it would be amazing.

there is a chance however that due to all this controversy and delays, it might not release on Diwali, but there's still a year to go, they might make it in time.

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I thought Sajid Nadiadwala will be stepping in for Super 30.

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I think apart from kowsigan no one wants this film to be made.

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