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Best wishes Anna, Grandson... Ahan b d best... kick high and hard

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Did the Telugu version have Action or was it mostly drama?

I hope the Hindi version does have plenty of Action may be the nostalgia feeling that I saw from Anna since my childhood in the 90s era. That's why Ahan may bring it back as he sure does look like him if you see his pics.

Now, I'm a huge fan of Suniel Shetty and he's one of my top five actors and I was the only user on here who used to praise him four years ago when I joined. I made a post on Anna
regarding my top 15 movies from him and I've seen all of his movies.

Ahan should his father footsteps and become an action hero. Most of the younger generation apart from Tiger Shroff are not action heroes. So its nothing like the 90s generation where you had Suniel, Akshay, Ajay & Sunny as mass heroes. If Ahan does Action films then he could give a good competition to Tiger Shroff.


Anyways, I know he will have a successful debut because Sajid is a good producer who knows the audiences very well. He's also good at marketing films that have mass appeal.

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Personally, I found it to be a terrible film with petty twist. Character-wise yes but then it is based on a real life character and it's a shame to consider such character as a role model. Not to speak ill of the dead.

Further, action scenes were realistic and they were part of the story. Except one for hero elevation rest were as script demanded.

In this case, hope they get proper music worthy of becoming chartbuster. Otherwise the violent content will not find any takers. I hope unlike the original, the remake isn't about smooches and bareback scenes.

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I saw the film hoardings few months ago in Hyderabad.. It looked interesting.. The film looked like a thriller to me.

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In the end, it was a bad film. The deep rooted patriarchy is what is made such a gigantic blockbuster.

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