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I am not sure if this is the place where we discuss this. How to know what's the reality behind Nana Patekar and some Miss India?

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I tried to search a category - Celebrity, didn't find one.

Nana has made an impact amongst us, and if he is guilty, he should have done similar many times. Tanushree is a smooch girl and was, she is blaming Nana for her end of Bollywood career. What could have happened? Was it something that they like a lot now so press follows them, which can not be the case since there is no movies of them that needs controversy now?

#respect_girls #respect_legend_too #respect_humanity

Guys, I just want to know what actually happened!
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Actually Nana's other side is no secret as far as industry goes. Sure he might have changed himself or buried that side since 2008.

And just going by the role he played in Horn OK Pleassss, that character is supposed to be tharki. If you look properly, once Tanu was replaced, Nana doesn't even lay a finger on Rakhi Sawant in that song.

The issue is not just Nana. It was the producer. He was the one to call the goons, threatening her. He was the one who changed narrative twice while Nana kept saying "beti jaisi hai" even before media asked him any question.


Are you sure?


In this I pretty am. But his was always anger related. Reason why he had least of respect towards his colleagues or mainly juniors.

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How can we know ... ?! We don't .

Look it's easy to understand ... We are humans ... We are inherently evil.
That fact is settled ... Let's put it aside .
Now ... If we are not the eye witness or don't have proof .. of some dispute of two parties (universal terms .. dispute of anything ).. then we will always choose side with which we can relate with.
Perceptive = glass half empty or half full

That's why .. feminists are all out ... In favor of the girl .

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I wish they all were doing something this serious .. about the women and girls (rarely rich, mostly poor) .. Jin ko din dahade sab k saamne utha k lai jaatay hain .. and they rape them.
There are so many videos on YouTube .. aur ye bus wo hain jo proof k sath hain.


Ghapaghap agreement ke sath Kiya jaaye woh sex divine kehlata. Whatever the case be, the guilty needs to be punished, whoever it is. At our place, we literate people should support girls and if the girl is wrong, bharosha uthjayega... Let the molesters and rapists rest in peace not in heaven, not in hell, may they find no place anywhere... But how do we know who is wrong? There are 50% proofs which are for each... A channel shows something and the next negates it. It's marketing for no reason. They are earning out of shit


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