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What Possibly could be the reason behind a 3year old movie Hero opened thrice better than LOVEYATRI though both were presented by Megastar Salman Khan

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Both were presented by the Megastar Hero released way back in 2015 and Loveyatri in 2018.

Music of both these movies were chartbuster, Salman extensively promoted both these movies. 

But one opened at 6.7cr the other at 1.7

One recorded 21cr weekend while the other merely 7cr

Both received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. 

Well according to me followings could be the reason behind such underperformace of Loveyatri

1-Megastar's cameo/song Main hun Hero tera

2-Hero came right after BB, so there was a lot of goodwill for skf to bank on while it's goodwill has been hugely dented now due to movies like Tube light, Race3

What do you think? 

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You missed the EROS factor.

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Hero had way bigger buzz, it was presented like a big movie, debut of 2 stations, industry supported them big way, then comes the fact that it was a remake and the song was hit too, in short from all angles Hero was presented as something important to audience, followed almost all things people use to launch a starkid or a newcomer in general, they make them look like big deal, their movies look like big deal and give audience a reason to care.

Comparison wise, Loveyatri was much smaller, despite Salman promoting it, it wasn't presented as big deal, the lead actor doesn't look like lead hero, it looked like it's just for the sake of relationship, the public perception was that Salman is just launching his relative, no one took it seriously, almost no buzz and looked like some timepass project, rather then a serious attempt at launching newcomers, why would audience care then, and they didn't.

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may be its because salman khan knew ... this kid doesn't have it in him to become an actor... which is why he didn't invest big on him.


True, he was just completing formalities, for the sake of relationship, that's what it looked like.

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everyone knows the reason for it....

1 - sooraj pancholi looked like a modern day hero.... chiseled body, good dancer, action , acrobat , comparison to tiger shroff. while ayush sharma doesn't match with him in any of the mentioned characteristics
2 - there was no hype for the launch of ayush sharma... which is the pre requisite for a new comer who has to make a mark.
3 - huge amount of negativity for ayush sharma

BTW you know what this kid had already thought he's the next big thing.... he would speak big words.... like how he's already achieved such big stardom haha .. i mean he was talking like he's already a star.
plus if you are an actor/actress being launched by salman khan... your career is pretty much over before if even begins. like all other 9-10 before him.

plus a movie like loveyatri ... would have never worked .... this kind of movie is late by at least 38 years.

by Super-star (198k points)
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Also hero was a remake and an action film and add the negativity around Ayush sharma for being a gold digger, which may not be true.

by Star (151k points)
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Loveratri looked waaaay too outdated, and the lead actor does not look like a lead actor.

Plus, Hero had a huge chartbuster.

by Editor (81.9k points)
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I agree with first that is the main reason.

by Assistant Director (52.1k points)
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Hero was a massy film which were still somewhat working in 2015 whereas lovryatri looked outdated as hell
I think that made the difference plus both the points you made are absolutely right
SKF needs to make gud movies

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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The negativity around ayush. The lad has left no stone unturned to milk his famous connection with megastar Salman. Plus I was pissed off with his interviews. The way he's been talking as if loveratri will end up being mpk

by Mega Star (225k points)
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Back then, people believed on Salma's production values, and now after that product that they know what he would invest in, they wouldn't follow his production anymore.

by Camera Operator (12.0k points)


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