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i am not gonna watch it.... i am not gonna repeat the same mistake i made .... when i watched godzilla first part's trailer....... and Batman v superman's trailer....and mission impossible fallout's trailer.....
the movies which im lookinng forward to ..... from hollywood.....
i will not try and watch any promo they release ..due to two reasons
1- trailers are misleading ...... the movie turns out to be something else entirely .....
like godzilla or BvS, or MI fallout....
godzila was there for 5 minns...... BvS.... was not about batman v superman ..fight was only for 3 mins..... MI fallout ... showed Ethen hunt has changed...while in the movie...he wasn't.... plus villain ka pata chal gaya tha..from trailer...and also all the action pieces as well

2nd reason... trailers contain spoilers.....

i am really looking forward to this movie....and i watched the trailer of this movie..... so ...i will not watch any other promo...

i will avoid watching second trailer of godzila , and first trailers of ..... infinity war end game, once upon a time in hollywood, wreck it ralph, how to train your dragon 3, john wick 3.

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Grandnova I also didn't watch this trailer , I watched the 1st Trailer for this as I couldn't resist. As a DC Fan I am already all in so I will directly give my regards to the King of the Seven Seas in theatres.(rock)


aisi kitni chool hai yeh film dekhne ki :D


@Charl believe me i'm not even 1% interested in these type of films ..


Help... Agar actress achi ho toh mera 15-20% interest bann jaata hai.. but I generally don't see vfx heavy fictional adventure films..magr Wonder Woman dekhunga (handshake)

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Reality Check:

It Took DCEU Only 1 Movie To Breach $650 Million Mark, It Took MCU 6 Of Them.
It Took DCEU 6 Movies To Breach $1 Billion Mark, Same As MCU.

by Unit Manager (36.4k points)

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