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11th film without a flop. How good is this record? This is a benchmark for all newcomers. 11th consecutive success in a row.

by Production Accountant (27.5k points)
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6th hit for Varun,He's on a dream run.
Though I didn't like it but maybe some appreciation is there which is resulting in its box office success

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)
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Like him or hate him fact is he's some success. No flops in 6 years is a record any actor would envy

by Mega Star (226k points)
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He should thanks to the bigger star that is standing on his side for making the movie hit, cause after November last year, Anushka has had more fans than this frog, so more credit goes to her and obviously to YRF who made this movie at controlled budget, afterall this movie is getting hit Verdict at 60 crs, last thing to credit here is actor, as it's all due to YRF & their production strategies.

by All Time best! (269k points)

Keep telling that to yourself.


Actually people knows that, at this time, the Khans had ATBB, bigger fan following & bigger craze attached to them, Varun has nothing.

At this stage Khans became Bonafide stars, many big openers, Varun still strugles to get a half decent opening even with top actresses, best production houses & even in commercial movies like BKD & J2.

The one I'm talking about were not next big thing for 6 years, they became the Current big thing, Varun will remain next big thing for many years, that's it, won't go over that.


At this time / At this stage... both equals 33, 31 & 26 years respectively of the Khans. Varun started out in 2012. And see what he has achieved in 6 years.

Building a strong fan base across all classes steadily. 11 films out of which 10 are outright successes, 5 Hits [excluding Sui Dhaaga]. That is something to be not ignored.

The only reason the newbies are next big thing because the oldies are still the current big thing. Khans could climb up the competition because their "competition" was dying out. And the genre dominated was untouched by the then rulers. Wait for few mighty to fall and see how the youngsters get the huge push to the "current big thing" league.


I wouldn't say the fan base he's building as Strong, strong is a strong word, decent at most, as I said Khans were giving bumper openers at this stage, pulling people to theatres on their name, nowdays you can't get footfalls unless you mount a movie of big scale, have some big production house backing, get some lavish sets, promote it as grand etc.

What good is getting a hit at 50-60 crs in 30-40 crs budget in 2018 with all the economics of market.

Besides they don't have the level of ORGANIC connection. None of them have, and success, lol, this is worth of these stars that you've to celebrate average movies too lol.

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