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Aayush Sharma is a soft-hearted man, we want to show him as he is, says Salman Khan about Loveyatri.

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“We don’t want any hate, we want respect and love from people,” says Salman Khan about the title change of his production Loveyatri: Journey of Love. The actor, who launches his brother-in-law Aayush Sharma in the film, says they had no negative connotation attached even with the previous title. However, the actor officially changed it when some Hindu outfits opposed to the title, as it rhymed with Navratri (festival). Now, as a filmmaker Salman is keen on exploring different avenues and promises interesting content in the pipeline. Excerpts.

As a film-maker, do you have to be more cautious?

If someone’s sentiment is going to be hurt, we don’t want to be a part of that. In my films, I can afford to take a stand. But if you’re making a love story and launching newcomers, why would we want to hurt anyone’s feelings. We want people to watch how much hard work Aayush and Warina have put in. And you can’t do that by hurting people. Once you see the film, you will know it’s a wonderful film.

Do you look at a film from a different perspective when you produce one?

Whatever film the film is, you need to be hands-on and take full responsibility. If you are not then they will be like Salman Khan ne marwa diya. It’s a huge bojha (burden) that one carries on his shoulders. You need to be there. As a producer, you need to give every facility and everything for the people that you are launching. And that’s what we did. We did our best with Hero (2015), and we’ve done our best now. We will always be there with Sooraj (Pancholi).

hy do you think a love story is the perfect launch for Aayush?

This film has a lot of action. I am sure he can do the same amount of action that any of the guys can. He is sincere and dedicated. We could have launched him in an action role. But we want him to be what he is. He is a soft-hearted and beautiful person. And that’s we wanted to portray him. He is a respectful and cultured man, also shy and introverted. So, his personality should come through (in the film). He is very correct in his thought process.

Would you ever produce content for OTT platforms under your banner?

We have four to five shows and web content lined up. By the next year, we will roll. But that will not be like the stuff that is coming out on these platforms. We want to use certificates in the web as well. There are all kinds of stuff, and people are watching it, no problem. But I do have a problem with it not being censored. Kids from the age from the age of five to 13-14 are watching this kind of stuff. If I have children around, I will make sure that they don’t come close to this. Adults watching content with gaali galoch is fine. They are all grown-ups. We can’t control what fills anyone’s entertainment appetite. But if a four-year old kid watches it on tablets or phones, it is not cool. There should be some responsibility.

Have you seen content on the digital platforms?

My problem is that if I watch a show then I have to finish it. I don’t how to operate it, I get confused. I am not good with technology anymore. My house-help helped me with it. This is my field, so I watch it. From the rubbish stuff you see, you know what not to do. But in rubbish stuff also, you may find something amazing.

Can you stay without technology days on end?

I am a primitive man. I can stay without technology anytime. I am not active on social media, Arpita is. So, if I am with kids or painting, it’s gone up on social media. It’s a good medium if you use it wisely. For some idiots on it, they mess it up. But there are fans who want to connect and want to know about your work. I want to start tweeting more.

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The music album is surprisingly very good, one of the very best of this year.
Iam quite interested in this movie also due to the fact that Salman is the producer.
I hope it becomes a hit

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Someone tell Salman that nowdays kids already learn all that gali galoch even before they touch something like Netflix or Amazon Prime shows.
Trying to control movies & TV when in real life it'll be hard to find someone who doesn't abuse.

I have no problems with being primitive, it's good to stay connected with your roots, technology has driven people from other people, but by all means, tweet more, more & more, as many tweets as you can, your tweets guarantees entertainment.

It's like politicians wierd statements, most times they open their mouths, they give out of this world statements, it's entertainment, similarly everytime Salman tweets his wierd tweets, it's entertainment.

by All Time best! (268k points)

Well he is an entertainer even on twitter gud to see you also getting entertained by him
Coming to abuses 10 year olds now abuses more than 20 year olds now a days
This is truth though salman is right but kids can learn abuses from other ways too


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